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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader (R) & Uwazuruike (L)
No matter how you see it ideology cannot be defeated. Nigerian government lately is coming to their senses that Biafra is an ideology and religion that can’t be wash away irrespective of number of people maimed, imprisoned or killed. Hardly, you see a family in Biafraland that was not a victim of Biafra genocide; it claimed the lives of not less than 5 million Biafrans yet, we are intoxicated for Biafra restoration. It is at same time a priority and non negotiable to get our God-given land back from internal occupation and repatriation of our natural resources to foreign countries like Britain.

Mike Opigo, a school principal in Okirika reminded us whom we are when Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu consulted him and others for mutual interaction session. Chief Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu paved way for international Biafra recognition after Abori Accord resolutions was flaunted by then Nigeria Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, which led to Biafra/Nigeria civil war with the help of Britain to obliterate Biafrans from the face of the earth in order to continue uninterrupted oil exportation in Biafraland to develope their land. Our love for Biafra by Biafrans never wader away though, the heat, hardship and unfavorable conditions was unbearable to condoled yet, Biafrans were neither deterred nor succumbed by pressure to continue the propagation of Biafra restoration, our last hope.

The love I have for Biafra is second to none; even when two of my elder brothers were starved to death during the genocidal war against Biafra, I remained a proud Biafran but I was not moved to join Spy-Lebeanya Raphael Uwazurike rulership mainly because of his blinded and uncivilized style as a leader of then MASSOB.

Contravention of law, kidnappings and social vices became norm under Uwazurike’s era; his subordinates were more of touts that are incapable of reasoning like normal intellectual humans. Extortion, intimidation against Biafrans his people were out of control; fear was a phenomenon that it became a sacrilege either to associate youself to then MASSOB or publicly pronounce Biafra. These made people like us to asked; is it how to fight for freedom? Supposedly, claimed Biafra activists are spy working for Nigeria government to kill Biafrans under their custody that need protection; what moral justification a reasonable Biafran could give to work with a backstabbing ruler that dines with the enemy, the Nigeria government against his people?
Lebeanya Raphael Uwazuike intellectual backwardness Igbonised Biafra, other clans were kick out of their ancestral land as if they are not part and parcel of Biafra like Ijaw, Igbanke, Ibibio, Efik, Igala, Ishikiri Irobo etc; it became difficult for Biafrans in coastal part to join Biafra propagation because it seems they were sidelined, deformed and made to believe Biafra struggle was only for Igbo. Uwazurike fraudulently turned MASSOB to a profit making body where members' contributions and relentless efforts were not yielding anything rather personal aggrandizement.

Both international passport and car plate number was introduced yet, the masquerade leader neither traveled out with the so claimed international passport nor used the car plate number on one of his cars but instead rides with Nigerian government official plate number. The spirit of Biafra was highly burning in every well meaning Biafran till the appointed time came when an eloquent voice was heard at the Wideness shouting; Lo and behold the irresistible voice resurrected the dead Biafra spirit in every mind of hard core Biafrans.

Radio Biafra became a learning platform where undiluted truths are spoken to the hearing of everyone. Uprightness replaces Uwazurike’s deceptive and lying culture of then MASSOB (now BIM) Biafra actualization. Intelligent men and women from all corners of life both Biafrans and non Biafrans deemed it fit to volunteer themselves to disseminate Biafra to their surroundings unlike, the Nigeria masquerade Uwazurike’s forceful attitude to subject everyone to will without objection and opinion.

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra uses truth and reasoning to convince the world the existence of Biafra long before 1914 amalgamation by Fedrick Lugard. Today Biafra is in the lips of every human; it is been discussed by international organizations; foreign media houses now see it as an opportunity to showcase themselves to be known, and world leaders are looking forward to seeing their names written in gold historically to facilitate Biafra restoration.

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