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January 28, 2017

Charly boy
I do not agree with Ifeanyi Chijioke over his last article associating mainly marijuana with the purported mental disorder of Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa AKA Charly Boy, as it has not been proven medically or scientifically that it changes anyone’s mental state. A sage once told me “marijuana makes you wiser if you are wise, and makes you more stupid if you are stupid.” Though, I totally agree that Charly boy is a victim of drug abuse who is seeking attention because the Biafra issue is ever trending and attracts media attention. Charly Boy did not let us know if he is responsible for writing the article or it was Linda, his female alter ego.

I would not have accorded the transgender wannabe a response to his trashy article but the fact that he described the Biafran youths seeking the right to self-determination as gullible. Charly Boy should have remained silent or just make his choice like a civilized man because he is irrelevant to the restoration of Biafra neither is he to the well-being of Nigeria. The youths of Indigenous People of Biafra are not in the league of his group of okada riders which he uses to gain attention from the Nigeria government for contracts and incentive. The ‘Area fada’ of street urchins and criminals at his Punk Palace residence in  Lagos was contradicting himself all through his article, in an effort to sound patriotic to the contraption called Nigeria. The Biafra youths are aware of the deep rot in Nigeria and the corruption of their supposed leaders and that is why they want to start afresh in the sovereign state of Biafra because Nigeria is irredeemable.

In his article, Charly Boy said he was in the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70 and told a tale of the horror he experienced seeing the Nigeria air force raining down bombs on innocent civilians instead of the battle field. Charly Boy survived the genocide against his people during his late teen but has lost memories of the extermination as a 65-year-old man. Have the eyelashes Charly Boy fixes on his eyelids blinded him from seeing the gruesome killing of thousands of unarmed Biafrans by the Nigeria security forces? Is he not civilized enough even after residing and studying in the United States of America to know that people have right to peaceful assembly? If he needs enlightenment on the right of Indigenous People to self-determination, let him visit his late father’s law library or use the internet.

Charly Boy said he is an Igbo man which makes him a Biafran, because he believes that he has perfected the art of been tenacious in every dream he chose. But it is pathetic that all through his career in the show biz industry, he could not get consistent sponsorship in all of his popular show which always ends up cancelled. The skull-carrying ex-singer was also sacked as a judge of the popular Nigeria Idol after viewers disapproved of him. He has spent most of his time outside Biafra Land and it is obvious he has lost the industrious, consistent and powerfully focused nature associated with the people of Biafra.

I had to laugh out loud when I read the part he was wondering why indigenes are running away from developing the South East. In all his time as a musician, did Charly Boy site a single musical studio in his hometown of Oguta in Imo state? He is just a hypocrite playing to the gallery and making stereotype statements about the South East been infested with political grabbers, 419ers, mindless criminals and looters. I want him to mention the part of Nigeria that is not saturated with the forementioned. The attention seeking freak must be ignored because he is not in any way intelligent as those in the United Nations that declared the South East as the safest place to live in Nigeria.

Charly Boy believes the South east ought to be a developed and industrialized area but he is ignorant that it is the provision of Infrastructure that leads to rapid development. Is Charly Boy not aware that all the seaports in the Eastern region were sold out to the Northern cabal and the only working seaport is located in faraway Lagos state? If the failed musician was intelligent enough, he would have questioned why a dry port is being proposed for Kaduna state to ease the over congested Lagos seaport while the River Niger in Onitsha is lying idly to be dredged. The Enugu and Port Harcourt airports carries the insigna of an international airport but hardly have schedules for an international flight, leaving only the airports located in Lagos and Abuja as the only places international flights can be boarded in Nigeria. Do I need tell him that the roads in the Eastern region have become death traps for the people.

He is talking about the localization agenda preached by President Buhari but he is conspicuously silent about the rush to get out of Nigeria by investors since the inception of the current Nigeria government. Charly Boy is gearing his people towards “Nigerianization” of the Nigeria economy but he is mute on the lack of economic plan by Buhari that has driven the country into recession. He is too scared to challenge the president on his nepotism.

Charly Boy said that Biafra is an illusion but he is talking about it. The world’s mainstream media cannot be talking about an illusion. Olusegun Obasanjo and other Nigeria political gladiators cannot be trying every effort to appease an illusion. Buhari and the northern oligarchy cannot be fighting an illusion with every resources they have at their disposal. An illusion cannot propel US President Donald Trump to ignore Nigeria during his inauguration and then invite a representative from the people of Biafra. If Charly Boy had not end up as a rascal, he would have been close and be able to acquire wisdom from his father, former Supreme Court judge Chukwudifu Oputa. Charly Boy has made his choice and has chosen Nigeria and should wait for the outcome of his choice.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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