Dec. 04, 2016 Weekly Digest

December 04, 2016

This week Chinenye Chukwu joins Ifeanyi Chijioke and Chima Onyekachi on 4/12/2016 edition of weekly digest. The trending News in Biafra land and Nigeria which has gathered momentum remains the report by Amnesty International. We shall briefly bring to your knowledge key issues as Chinenye Chukwu of Biafra Reporters features.

Nnamdi Kanu said that Biafra will be restored and Buhari said that Biafra will be difficult to come; the two leaders have said what they thought and as things unfold; we look to see whose thought triumph. If Biafra previously said to be dead has reached the extent of possibility as signaled by Muhammed Buhari, then reality is not far away.

Nigerian contractors, journalists and politicians have reacted to the report by Amnesty International; it is not good news for humanity as they backed the extra-judicial killing or execution of unarmed and peaceful Biafrans.  They have talked for their Government and noted that the Government will go on with his business of killing.

In response to the report; Muhammed Buhari’s bigotry seems not to be tamed; he has surprisingly launched a military action in Biafra land, barring the operation Crocodile Smile launched in the River line part of Biafra. This military operation remains questionable as the Southern part of Biafra remains the most peaceful area in Africa.

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has once again been denied bail; the trial Judge said the offences he was accused of is “grievous”. It is disappointing or rather smartly following the orders of Buhari who ordered that Nnamdi Kanu should not be released. The trial Judge said Muhammed Buhari enjoys freedom of Speech yet all charges against Nnamdi Kanu are based on speech, hence Nnamdi Kanu is denied and Muhammed Buhari admitted.

After Iwuanyawu; Orji Uzor Kalu has said once more that they want to be the President of Nigerian even as no Biafran buys that idea. Orji Uzor Kalu has been described as a political prostitute who rather serves Abuja than the interest of Biafra where he came from. These men should learn to make it clear; that what they personally want is their political ambition and not the total well being of the people.

Even as Buhari contracted Danjuma and bombing innocent Biafrans in Southern Biafra; he has once again labeled that the freedom fighters attacking oil pipelines to enforce autonomy are not ordinary people. He quickly called for caution while on the other hand; Niger Delta Avengers has called on him to value the lives of the Soldiers he sent to the creeks that have faced unwarranted death.

Nigerians have mocked the militants in Biafra Land; saying that they are now pleading to the Government to stop the military action in River Line part of Biafra. This is coming even as the Niger Delta Avengers have soft pedaled and calling for dialogue. Nigerians took to the social media to question their quest for autonomy as they are yet calling for dialogue. “Pay them as you paid MEND and they would fizzle out” one comment said.

There is now call everywhere for Referendum to be conducted in Biafra as the agitation for a sovereign State is not relenting. The Nigerians who spoke held that in a situation there is a serious self determination quest; Referendum is always called to address such matter. Buhari has however chosen to combat humanity than do the needful or the lawful.

Biafrans remain hopeful of 2017 when referendum shall likely be called; the denial of bail by the Court means Nnamdi Kanu refused everything presented to him in order to forfeit Biafra agitation for a sovereign State. Donald Trump has severally noted that his reign will ensure peace and not imperialism; a policy that will likely favor Biafra.

The African Union has stood to condemn Buhari who they accused of human rights violations; this is coming days after Amnesty International released an indictment report. More people are expected to react to such barbarism. It is expected that with the big evidence Amnesty International has; contrary to Nigerians views, action will be taken in due time.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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