Nigeria drowning while Biafra keeps sailing

By Ada Nnamdi Kanu
December 07, 2016

The appointed time is now for the people of Biafra to be active and responsive to counter all these; "I am only after my pocket politicians" in Biafra land, we do not need a time keeper to tell us that the time is now that we all need to rise up and send a clear warning signal to all these political harlots not to middle in the Biafra affairs.
They are best known as gate crashers because nobody invited them nor seek for the opinion of these insatiable fools marauding as politicians in Biafraland

It is time to choose between light and darkness, separating the sheep from the wolves and let the cat out of the bag.  The quest for the restoration of Biafra does not call for political ambitions or leadership from the evil contraption called Nigeria which is already a failure in leadership system and lack no sign of good leadership example to their upcoming generations, to this;  all we seek and ask for is the restoration of Biafra.

Following the recent news about Orji Uzor Kalu; the political prostitute erstwhile former Governor of Abia State who squandered all the money to construct good roads for free movement of people, goods and services became just a jamboree during his term in office. A man who indulged in the embezzlement of public funds meant to develop his people got caught defected to the All progressive Congress (APC) to hide his bad deeds and the documents that indicted him to have abused, misappropriate, mismanaged his office and official roles he played as a former Governor, now to avoid Buhari's slaying sword and also being probed by the EFCC.

Orji Uzor Kalu now floats news alleging that it was a promise made by the paedophile Muhammadu Buhari in fulfilling the promises he made to him in rebuilding of roads in the Biafran region that made him turned into a broom carrier (APC), and the full support of Mr. Buhari granting him the Igbo Presidency in the next Election.

Following the Case of the monster and bastard in Government house of Imo State whose major agenda is on the Islamization of the citizens of his State, had built Mosques in every part of Biafra land and depriving the people of Imo the freedom of worship. Okorohausa is a servant and a slave of the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy who had shown his real identity in working assiduously to make Islam a priority by converting Imo indigenes with financial inducement.

Mr. Emmanuel Iwuanywu; a one time Boss of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency during Obasanjo's regime failed to carry out his responsibilities as a result of his selfish and personal interest in politics; usually as a business. A man who took advantage of the daughter of his late wife's friend who is just 26 years old as at then and married her at the age of 71. Iwuanyawu, in reacting to the ongoing agitation for the restoration of Biafra was reported as saying; that what the Igbos want is Nigeria President and not Biafra out of Nigeria confinement.

Iwuanyanwu had forgotten that 'wants' are just mere wishes and not necessarily that it is important; whereas 'needs' are things one cannot do or live without. Therefore it is necessary to correct the impression created by Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu; Biafrans need Biafra and not his Nigerian presidency

Biafrans want to categorically state and make it clear to all this men ranting about making an igbo man the next Nigerian President, that the name Igbo is just a language in Biafra, and we need Biafra and not the presidency.

Biafrans, it is time to boycott and ignore these wayward and vile men who are just seeking for their own selfish interest, men who are afraid to stand up and speak the truth, men who are physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally deranged and who are fantastically corrupt because the corruption in Nigeria has past the alarming fulcrum and it has entered the focal fatal stage.

Nigeria must surely die even though these men keep on pretending that she is only slightly indisposed. This is the time to face reality and throw these men into the "Trash Bin" where they belong because they have sold their hearts to the devil and their birth right for mere peanuts and crumbs. They derives joy betraying their people; men that rejoices in the suffering, marginalization, incarceration, subjugation of their subjects. Even in the face of the ongoing slaughtering of our fathers, brothers, and raping of our mothers and sisters remained muted and dummy.

Justice has been tossed and denied because of their useless engagement in power tussle. They mean no good to us and have no guts to speak for us. All we need is the total and full restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra, nothing more and nothing less.

It is either Biafra or Death, we are making it clear to the enemy's camp that no retreat, no surrender until Biafra gains her freedom.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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