Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
December 04, 2016

Since after the genocide committed against the people of Biafra in 1967; Nigerian government has been trying to kill or terminate anything that relates to Biafra or talks about Biafra. Even the word ‘Biafra’ was criminalized and Nnamdi Kanu is imprisoned today, tortured and subjected to degrading inhuman treatment- simply because he talked about Biafra. Justice cannot be gotten anywhere in Nigeria hence Biafra is the subject of such matter.

Nnamdi Kanu had written a letter to Donald Trump 24 hours before Washington stopped Nigeria from buying weapons from Brazil. In that letter; Nnamdi Kanu congratulated Donald Trump and established that he is hopeful of justice, peace and stability, which with the emergence of Trump whom he described as another Dwight Eisenhower the colonial problems holding down Africa will be arrested.

Prior to the ruling on bail application filed by the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra; information has it that he urged Biafrans to forget the Court case as no Judge in Nigeria can rule against the order of Buhari who openly said in his maiden media chat that no Court will bail him and also noted that he won’t either release him if any Court goes contrary to his order.

Muhammed Buhari is one of the commanders that led Nigerian soldiers through Owerri axis to execute 1967 genocide against the people of Biafra. It is believed that that same hatred that drove him into killing mothers and children still drives him today. He has demonstrated hatred by unleashing the Nigerian military against innocent Biafrans and detaining Nnamdi Kanu against Court orders.

The information went on to claim that hence his release will mean releasing Biafra; it would almost be impossible for Buhari to give justice a breath by releasing him. The report went further and said that everybody should look up to 2017 Referendum. It is also of the hope of mojority of Biafrans that; as Trump takes the mantle of leadership in America, his foreign policy towards Biafra freedom quest shall be accomodating.

The people of Biafra immensely supported Donald Trump during his campaign which was championed by social media. Radio Biafra group page which recently broke the record of one million active group members and consistent twitting and retwitting against bias played a major role in helping Trump campaign combat bias mainstream media.

Biafran Journalists took it upon themselves to market the candidacy of Trump; the battle was between Nigerian establishment and Biafran establishment. Nigerian establishment did very well to support Hillary Clinton through their media and donated huge amount of money which was denied by the Government when Hillary Clinton lost her bid.

Meanwhile, in 2015- Nnamdi Kanu had predicted that Biafra will come but never under the leadership of the Democrats but that of Republicans; he went on to say- only when a Republican is in power shall Biafra come. It is no coincidence that the people of Biafra strongly supported Trump; prayed and fasted fervently for Trump’s emergence.

Obama has overseen a bloody era in Nigeria with Biafrans suffering immensely; America remains very much in support of the injustice going on in Nigeria, a move that reflects the failings of Washington. According to a source who spoke categorically on the information; he noted that much hope is high that injustices will be addressed by Trump’s administration because Trump seems to understand the pains of the oppressed people and he would not trade justice for politics.

Trump is justice for the world and Biafra is justice; the call for Biafra cannot be neglected because the people of Biafra have reached a height worthy of attention, the source posited. Muhammed Buhari instead of address Biafra question peacefully and in a civil way; has launched a military action that have cost hundreds of lives in Biafra. Amnesty International after a forensic investigation, reported that 150 Biafrans have been killed with the figure likely to be higher. IPOB has also noted that they are looking for over 2000 Biafrans; a claim Muhammed Buhari could not deny.

Peace and humanity are the basic things Trump said his foreign policies will focus on and having applauded UK over the conduct of referendum that decided their fate in EU, there is every likelihood that he would consider referendum for Biafra as a means to restore peace and end any form of violence against humanity in this part of the world. Washington under Obama would not give heed to Biafra call because of his shady deals in Nigeria which also led to inability to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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