Rochas Okorocha disgraced in London

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
08 December, 2016

First I will have to give credit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra who are currently asking for their right to self determination through the instruments of the United Nations Charter. This noble man of wisdom impacted meaningfully into his people for what is to come through the Radio Biafra platform.

In one of his broadcasts, he exposed the format to which these useless men from Biafra engaged their Huasa-Fulani paymasters using the weakness of their people to amass personal wealth. He said "they will always come up with lets strategize and re-strategize rubbish" all is in a bid for the continuous misappropriation of public funds and converting them to their own personal use.

They use their portfolio in government as an avenue to mismanage public funds meant to develop their people, and their collective states. Kanu had once made this assertion that this nonsense from these set of rotten eggs in Biafra will come up when he will be answering the call of duty fighting for their freedom. He had predicted and saying they will fail him but he will never fail them. They will go to Abuja to share money and floats news on how they discussed with tyrant Buhari to release him while in reality they only went there to discuss their personal interests.

What is the rationale behind Orji Uzor Kalu's secret meetings with Buhari? Iwuanyanwu and Rochas Okorocha secret meetings? Okorocha and Buhari secret meetings? Just as predicted Orji Uzor Kalu has granted interview as directed by tyrant Buhari on how Nnamdi Kanu planned to kill him and others and before one could say Jack Robinson he is now a bonafide broom carrier. Their individual roles they are now playing is to avoid incurring the wrath of the Sheriff in Aso Rock. With Nigeria as a corrupt institution it is, they are covered but with Biafra their evil will be shredded.

Orji Uzor Kalu; have Nnamdi Kanu been released to you as you boasted? We know your antics as a blackmailer; what we now see in the news now is how you "OUK" boasts in your arrogance on how Buhari promised you to start rebuilding Biafra; that made you joined APC because the president stick to his words. Fool.
I have studied you Orji Uzor Kalu from childhood right from Star line Eziama Industrial Estate Aba, Tonak and Olaz Oil in Aba to your reign as governor of Abia State. It is now time to set the record straight; you were into illicit peddling of drug business and that is how you became rich.

The free education introduced in Abia State School System during your time wasn't free as you also introduced pay lottery tickets Scheme as a mandatory task to all the students thereby generating funds back to your government. It was a well known fact to Abians. You swindled the funds belonging to the seventeen local government areas in the state during your term. The fund realized is what you effectively used to purchase ships and airplanes registered as Slock.

Olusegun Obasanjo banned them from operating in Nigeria when it was obvious that he milked Abia state dry. Killing of political opponents were rampant during your days in government. You built and constructed quack roads that only lasted for three to six months. You imposed T.A Orji on Abians to help clean your mess. You made mother - Eunice Kalu to act as the First Lady in place of your wife - Ifeoma Kalu throughout your days as governor of Abia State.

Remember the Onyema Ugochukwu, Enyinnaya Abaribe saga, the Ehi and Mmiri nyri Ehi saga. How you rigged your constituency's Senatorial zone to favour Nnanna Kalu your brother. You later came back vying for that same position as if Abians are fools that the likes of you dictates for them. Is it not obvious that you are a criminal robbing Peter to pay Paul. You are the most corrupt governor ever produced in the East.

Iwuanyanwu former "FERMA" Boss during his term in office swindled all the funds allocated for the rehabilitation and construction of roads in Biafra land. All the roads in the Old Eastern part of Nigeria became death traps which as a result prompted certain delegates to embark on a journey to meet Obasanjo to complain of the unprecedented accidents happening in the Old Eastern Nigeria. They were amazed when Obasanjo referred them back to go and meet their brother Iwuanyanwu who happens to be the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency Boss. This treacherous acts is the reason your fore-fathers were banished from their ancestral land in Ubaa Eziobodo where they migrated to Ikeduru in Imo State. A snake will never cease to give birth to long things.

Okorocha's many lies and deceits in Imo State can no longer be hidden, he is a certified Hausa-Fulani agent implanted in Biafra land to do their bidding. First assignment given to him was to search for Islamic converts in Imo State, which he did perfectly well with financial inducement. Secondly he opened the first gay club in Owerri where their likes perform fellatio on them with financial inducement.

The most taunted free education is now moribund, defunct and now education is begging for help first time in the history of Imo State under his watch. What about the deplorable Imo Health sector and their strikes; that one is a broad day nightmare resulting to unnecessary deaths. Dilapidated roads often called Chinese roads by Imolites are dead traps.

The Rochas Okorocha killer squad are used to silence opposition voices in Imo State; deprieving democracy its benefits of freedom expression and information. Under Okorocha's regime govt. workers are not been paid their wages resulting to strikes and ineffective discharge of their administrative roles in Imo State. Okorocha uses his govt. to revoke land ownership in the State. He had hijacked Indigenes' Lands and instil fear in them using his executive power. Okorocha turned Imo State into a refuse bin site thereby causing health threatening challenges to his subjects. It should not be forgotten that Okorocha deals in human parts.

In conclusion, the world can now see why these evil men and their likes want Nigeria to remain one; why they are vying or posit that they need Igbo President in Nigeria. Their atrocities are many knowing fully well that with Nigeria as a corrupt entity, they are covered and their evils will not be remembered. The bedrock of Nigeria is founded in corruption and continuing with Nigeria means safe heavens for them and their likes. While in Biafra they will face the music of being saboteurs amongst us.

Orji Uzor Kalu, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and Rochas Okorocha should know that Biafra is "Surugede" the spirit dance and the likes of you political stooges, puppets, harlots, willing tools and fellatios can not withstand the music tempo neither will your likes stop Biafra from coming. This war is between light and darkness and Biafra must come out victorious.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Please follow me on twitter via @ckorie17


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