Nigeria Militarization of Biafra

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Twitter: @Biafrapost
December 07, 2016

I am drawn to this call made by this Civil Society Organization, Stand Up Nigeria, SUN, though there was no reason to pay attention to this gullible one man group. I am concerned because this group said it is a civil society organization; fundamentally, the leader of the group or rather the Director of the Public Affairs of the group has lost focus. The group came up and called on Muhammed Buhari to expel Amnesty International in Nigeria because it released a report of extra-judicial executions of Biafrans.

I will not quickly ask this SUN if they have eye problem because I don’t have the money to buy conventional lens for them. They seriously need to sit down and watch the evidence uploaded by Amnesty International. If reports can lie and pictures can lie, if witnesses can lie, I bet videos cannot lie; it would take a man that has lost his or her conscience to rant to that extent as calling for expulsion of Amnesty International in Nigeria.

Now let us evaluate this group and maybe they can know what they are and dump the contract with Nigerian government or better change its name to something pro- Buhari’s government. If this group can change its name from Stand Up Nigeria as a civil society organization to Unruly Military Defense Organization, it would reflect its action and utterances.

The organization ought to be promoting civil rights and angling for a civil society and not a military society. By virtue of their utterances; this Organization doesn’t know what it stands for or what it was mandated to do by virtue of description. The so-called Civil Society Organization is here defending a military action against unarmed citizens. Now does it promote civil society or it promotes a military society; this group is nothing but a disgrace to organizations in Nigeria.

The Director of Public Affairs of the group, one Rev Christie Amor who spoke to the press seemly lacks education or rather not learned enough to understand that by virtue of backing the Military that she abuses the Police, Mobile Police, Civil Defense and the rest of them. This very wayward woman failed to understand that in a case unarmed or peaceful citizens demonstrate or protest to register or pressure the Government to their wish; that Police, Civil Defense or Mobile Police have the constitutional mandate to be there. This thoughtless Director of Public Affairs that backed the deployment of army failed to grasp that Army is trained to kill. By virtue of deploying Army to a scene citizens are demonstrating with placards; you have commanded Army to kill innocent citizens.

What this group failed to anchor on is proactive measure or precautionary measure; a new Sheriff is in Washington, a Sheriff that believes in justice and respects human rights. What would it have cost this shameless group to caution the President to be civilized; what justification is therein justifying militarilisation of a civil agitation or matter? Even when there are 87 video evidences; this group still have the audacity to talk; it would take only a wayward woman to rant for the expulsion of Amnesty International in Nigeria.

The group quickly rushed to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights to pick Articles 3 and 30 but failed to remind the Government of the Articles that guarantee rights to self determination and agitation on that list. They further argued that citizens bear pains; this uneducated group failed to grasp that IPOB or Biafra agitation is an Indigenous issue holistically welcomed. As lack of consistency continues to trail their speech; they failed to know that the Court acquitted IPOB of all terrorism charges, blocking any reason to justify military campaign.

What this group actually got right is the fact that action will be taken against Nigeria because the evidences are much. Attacking Amnesty International from today till tomorrow will make less impact while cautioning Nigeria to address the agitation with referendum remains the core solution to avert whatsoever they are afraid will come upon Nigeria. No matter how much Buhari contracts shadows and one man groups to talk; Amnesty International’s report will be welcomed simply because undeniable truth is contained therein. It would be a disgrace to continue to fight 87 videos; because after this speech from Buhari’s SUN, Amnesty may upload more videos and truth will be starring at us again and again.

Amnesty International will not go and neither will Nigeria keep hiding under the guise of sovereignty to kill. Sovereignty is not a warrant to kill, trample on human rights and contravene Conventional resolutions. It is very much clear that if Nigeria is not stopped, she would stop humanity and human rights. The action of SUN shows that Nigeria under Buhari is not ready to repent and neither is it ready to stop extra-judicial executions and trampling on human rights. Unless action is taken against Nigeria; they will not stop.

SUN can be rest assured that Amnesty International will not leave Nigeria for them and Buhari to keep killing and committing atrocities. Amnesty International will not leave Nigeria for Buhari to have a safe haven to unleash his bigotry. Muhammed Buhari must be stopped before he stops human existence and that is what SUN should be assured of. Amnesty International has the right to protect Humanity and neither SUN or Nigerian Sovereignty will stop that.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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