Compromised Justice Binta Nyako

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 15, 2016

The approach(es) and manner of Justice Binta Nyako handling the trump-up charges Buhari levelled against Nnamdi Kanu had become a case of personal interest to Buhari. It has become a matter of concern that we say without equivocation that secret trial will not stand. Nnamdi Kanu has the human right either to be in your court or opt out to remain in prison rather than he accepting a jail ruling hanging on his head; that is what secret trial is all about; and we are not in the stone age where an emperor can dictate who receives death penalty or life imprisonment using secrecy to perfect his evil plans.

Justice Binta Nyako is a federal paid agent in a judge cloak who has sworn an oath to stain her wig by allowing herself to be used as a willing tool. She is best described as a judiciary harlot; as tyrant Buhari has bought her over and pocketed her to play his evil script of allowing Nnamdi Kanu to be tried in secret. Judge Binta Nyako was carefully selected by Buhari to dance according to his dictates.  In all raminifications this careless ruling by Justice Binta Nyako is in totality against the tenets of justice.

Binta Nyako should be made to understand that the law court which she presides over is not a sharia court; rather a court that operates under common law which in other words is the hope for the common man. Granting the DSS its request for masked men to testify in court is to deny Nnamdi Kanu fair hearing.

"This is my court and I do whatever I want with this case"; is enough reason to see that this secret trial judge is bias with a prejudice mindset to jail Nnamdi Kanu in secret having made that callous statement that defined who she is as a paid agent. People in the know knew that this secret trial judge (Binta Nyako) had been carefully bought over to discharge her pronouncements with compromise ever since she took over from Injustice John Tsoho. It is viewed that tyrant Buhari used his sister (Binta Nyako) as a stooge, who is willing to suffocate life out the United Nations charter on the right of the Indigenous People to Self Determination.

Kanu holds the mandate of over 70 million lives and so therefore cannot standby and be tried in secret. It will be bloody if tyrant Buhari behaves funny using this gimmick coming from his untrustworthy judge; secrecy is never in the norms of a law belonging to the "commoners", commoners represent the law; if they become guilty of the law the prosecutor needs to provide his exhibits, witnesses in the open; eye ball to eye ball against the accused or the defendant.

The duty of a government is to provide security and right to life for her citizens and protection from external forces. It is not to use her might to maim, subdue and kill those he claimed are his citizens. Biafrans are sick and tired of Nigeria; it is our right to seek for self-determination.


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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  1. If buhari is sure of his charges against nnamdi kanu, mmh, let'm produce unmasked witnesses in court.