December 11, 2016  Edition of Weekly Digest

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This week; the declaration of support for the restoration of Biafra championed by Nnamdi Kanu becomes our signature headline. Ohaneze ndi Igbo woke up this week to openly declare that they want Biafra as much as Nnamdi Kanu wants it. This is coming months after the group had opposed Biafra restoration and angling for one Nigeria. They might have seen that they are irrelevant in the Nigerian creation thus Buhari turned down their call for Nnamdi Kanu to be released and also their effort to integrate. That same reason Nnamdi Kanu wants Biafra; they have embraced it and declared total support, at last Nnamdi Kanu has won.

Wole Soyinka came down heavily on Nigerians this week; labeling them morons and fools, he has also confirmed that it is a disgrace to occupy one space with the people called Nigerians. This very man has also seen reason in what Nnamdi Kanu is agitating for. Biafrans are not Nigerians and cannot live with Nigerians who don’t value human existence.

Senator Bruce seconded everything Nnamdi Kanu stood for; this week, the Common Sense senator from Biafra said that Nigeria does not care about human beings. The senator generalized the idea but it could have been better if he said Nigeria does not care about Biafran lives. The way they murder Biafrans, imprison two years old child, a nursing mother etc. Nigeria does not care about human beings; we join him in saying that.

Onyema Enyichukwu gave reasons Biafra will be better than Nigeria; he cited a lot of things and was able to convince that everything successful in Nigeria was and is led by Biafrans. Of course; Biafra will be far better than Nigeria and with good diplomatic tie, Africa will be better through Biafra.

Donald Trump called Taiwan President and it is already shaking everywhere; Trump has been linked with Biafra since he declared his White House intention and now the President Elect; people are curiously waiting for him on Biafra. He has made calls and moves that depict independent President and he seems to be anchored on justice and not politics.

There are indications that Muhammed Buhari is under immense international pressure to conduct referendum as a means to address the agitation going on in Biafra land. It should surprise large number of international authorities that Buhari has continued to kill and imprison protesters when referendum is going on all over the world.

As the plague of recession continues against Nigeria; another notable company, KIA Automobile begins move to pack out of the Country, which will furthermore devastate Nigerians and her economy. Prophets have continued to speak that Nigeria will never be better or get out of her problems until Nnamdi Kanu is released from detention.

While Nigerian Army is busy harassing and killing unarmed and defenseless citizens in Biafra land; the Islamic terrorists group, Boko Haram which was alleged rejuvenated by Muhammed Buhari after he lost 2011 election are waxing stronger as they claimed responsibility for recent bombings in Adamawa State. The remnant or technically defeated Boko Haram seems to be more deadly that the original one.

The victims of the deadly repression by the Nigerian Army in Biafra land are suffering and at the verge of death but one thing they keep saying is “Biafra shall be restored and that makes their condition not regrettable”. This brings to the fulfillment of the popular saying “We shall die and they shall die but in the end Biafra shall come”

Protest is going on in Akwaibom for the Government to pay salaries earlier; the reason is that people need to get ready for the festive days. The cost of living is going higher on daily basis and people need not to wait. Nobody has been shot as there is possibility that Buhari may send in his killer squad soldiers.

Stay with us next week as we shall dig deeper for more; our concern is to make sure you get digested and know the trends.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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