Okon; A Biafran maimed by Buhari's genocidal Army on 30th May 2016, Biafran Memorial Day

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Twitter: @Biafrapost

December 10, 2016

Why even at the point of death every Biafran smile and regret not a thing is because Nnamdi Kanu has taught us how to die for our nation. Nnamdi Kanu has given his life for us; it becomes a privilege to die with him on same note. I fear not death neither does Okon fear death even though his own is possibly clear. We shall get Biafra or die in that bit and for those that fear death; the exit door waits for them. We shall die and what the living owns the dead is to build Biafra and make a nation worthy of the sacrifices paid for it.

He would always meet Chima Onyekachi during protests and plead him to take picture of him and write about him; but Chima Onyekachi would wave him aside and go on for Jerry Gana, Asari Dokubo and others. The Journalist that did not cover him in action today cover passive Okon as a victim of ‘genocide’ on a likely path of death; he would make a greater hero even though death comes but there is time left to save Okon; whose story I have found tearful and devastatingly odd.

Finally on Chima Onyekachi’s book; but not a good story, not that vibrant Okon, not that Okon that would look into this Journalist’s eyes but the Okon that can’t have his face straight any longer. He finally made it; a story for him, his name will be remembered but he might not read about himself. He was filled with hope that Biafra will come; he felt like a successful man in his condition, he fought and still fighting to the last drop of his dripping blood.

For few months; my colleague Chima Onyekachi has been receiving calls to visit Igweocha; he would urge his callers to talk or meet other Journalists in Igweocha but his callers would reply that they don’t get attention from Biafran Journalists in Igweocha due to they are classified. They call out and question his commitment with them; but just last week, he decided to visit them and came back with devastating story. One that left my heart bleeding; he called me as soon as he came back to our base, all he offered was the crushing story of Okon.

“He would always stay in the front during all IPOB protests in Igweocha; like he owns Biafra, one of the most agile Biafran agitators from Ibibio that I had ever known. He would run to me and shout, Journalist! Snap me and show the world, I am not afraid” Chima Onyekachi narrated to me; he tried to paint the dedication of Okon and the passion he has for Nnamdi Kanu and his nation Biafra.

“I have not had a direct experience or contact with victims of our protest; this is the only person I have had one with. I could remember when we went to bury a Biafran in Abia; some people were afraid that Police would spot them; he was who gingered them and entered the car before others followed. This young man is a hardcore and I am not surprised he is victim of unlawful military action and bigotry of Muhammed Buhari, he takes risk and goes where no one goes for Biafra” my colleague continued.

He brought out his phone and scrolled down to show me a picture; I saw a handsome young man; a dark skin complexion that would penetrate the heart of many women. “This is Okon; you cannot imagine what had happened to this young man. They told me the girl he wanted to marry had left him since his case deteriorated. Rumor even had it that the girl said she can’t afford to be a widow right now” Chima Onyekachi mildly said and hissed; raised his face to the fancy ceiling of the restaurant we were in and pouting; he is more disturbed, regretting that he cannot take Okon to a Hospital on his own.

I was becoming curious; I needed to see the Okon that was abandoned and labeled a walking corpse. He scrolled up this time and showed me a devastating picture of Okon; the young man had lost his beauty, shape and losing his face. His neck twisting out of shape; a big boil taking hold of his neck; it could be cancer or tumor; whatsoever that horrible thing is must be something deadly. The young man was not smiling; his face would speak louder that everything on his lips and then I was emotionally broken.

“In spite of this condition; he kept telling me that Biafra must be restored, there was no atom of regret. I came in firstly and could not recognize him; then he said I have forgotten him but when I looked at a picture hanging on the wall, that was when I knew it was Okon” Chima narrated; thinking further, I felt he hanged the picture on the wall over him as what will be used to remember him when he passes away.

“I knew when this thing happened to this young man; they called me but I never knew it was this serious. Tear gas was used on him and it developed into something else; this happened because he was not properly treated. He went to all these local hospitals that are not hygienic; oh! Ifeanyi, this is really sad; I have not been myself and I don’t know where to start, we must do something to save this young man. He seems not be afraid and posits that if he dies; let it be told that a Biafran from Ibibio paid his own price”

I lost the will to continue to listen and asked Chima Onyekachi for a break; I was going to leave there a devastated man. But as I walked on out; he shouted “We must save him”

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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