Buhari and Shekau are both terrorists

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 12, 2016

The Mohammadu Buhari's desperation and unflinching desires to acquire more arms has become more worrisome than ever that something critical needs to be done about it. Remember that the first three months of Buhari inauguration into office, he floated the propaganda on how they have "technically" won the war against terrorism and insurgency in the North East of the Sokoto Caliphate. But it is imperative for readers to know that neither did the military engaged the terrorists in a war nor were they defeated; rather the Nigeria govt ransomed them to be at peace with his government.

Buhari is not thinking of how to redeem back the number one economy in Africa that was handed over to him to improve upon; rather he pushed the Nigerian economy to recession due to ineffective economic policies of his government. Instead of revamping the economy with the little fund left unsquandered, Buhari government's desperation to kill more Biafrans, he is acquiring more arms to fulfil his taste for Biafran blood.

Recent report by the United Nations did lay emphasis at the rate of hunger, starvation, hardship is sweeping the Nigerian populace affecting mostly children; warning it will be worst by the year 2017. In the face of this naked truth, Buhari is busy buying arms instead of feeding the nation.

The US government; having seen how Buhari's government continued to kill unarmed and defenseless Indigenous People of Biafra and Shiite Muslims, deemed it right to stop from selling arms to Buhari. They perceived Buhari's regime as being tyrannical, dictatorial and totalitarian which prompted them to invoked the Leah's law to deny him arms.

Having noticed that America can never be blackmailed, intimidateded or bribed, Buhari turned to his fellow Sunni Moslem Pakistan where he acquired more arms illegally. When the news of the transaction was exposed to the public, Nigeria in their nature hurried and granted interview that the arms deal with Pakistan was not done illegally; noting they tend not to make it known to the public until the arms arrives to the shores of Nigeria. Nigeria is not fighting any external war yet Buhari is engrossed in acquiring more arms to keep decimating members of IPOB agitating for their rights to self determination.

The masses are dying in their anguish; poverty, marginalization, subjugation, famine, from economic slide to recession while the Dictator in-chief Mohammadu Buhari is busy scouting for weapons from Russia to continue his unrelenting thirst of killing the survived victims of the first genocide in Africa; committed by arch genocidist Gowon.

The same event that caused the first genocidal war is being repeated in Nigeria today. The government rejected Biafrans in all her affairs thus forcing them to return back to their land to form a new government where all will be treated equal without discrimination. As Biafra was restored then; Nigeria government came with war; and an underestimated 3.5million lives was lost on the Biafra side.

Why is Buhari so eager to kill Biafrans; using the name Nigeria to commit evil against humanity and the world is quiet?
Is the name "Nigeria " a golden way to heaven or short way to death?
Is killing the Biafrans the best and effective way Buhari can pay back to the Nigeria society he belongs? Absolutely something is wrong with Nigeria from the outset.

Forensic study conducted by Amnesty International had indicted tyrant Buhari and his military wing for committing heinous crimes against Biafran self-determination activists. Yet in the face of these evil acts Buhari is busy searching for more lives to waste on the altar of keeping Nigeria one. Buhari is spending tax payers money on acquiring arms instead of injecting these monies into the recession ridden economy.

Russian government should know that Biafra is under siege and military occupation by the Nigeria government operating with different coded names all in a bid to molest and instil fear in Biafrans; to allow free flow and exploitation of oil and gas while empoverishing the Biafran owners.

The looming danger now is if Russian government under President Vladimir Putin allows this arms deal to go through, it means that Russia is again abating and sponsoring the worst genocide to happen in Africa soil the second time under tyrant Buhari. Russia should consider it a priority to back out from selling arms to a jihadist. It is imperative they contact Amnesty International to make a copy of her findings involving Nigeria government killing Biafrans for exercising their right through the instruments of the United Nations charter.

This will enable Russia to ascertain the level of regime atrocities committed in Nigeria under tyrant Buhari since he assumed office and his flair to acquire more arms to continue where Gowon stopped.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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