Biafrans in their Israeli religious attire storm Abuja to witness the court proceedings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB) Vs Nigeria

By Ifeanyi Chijioke ■ December 13, 2016
Twitter: @Biafrapost

In what could be best described as sharing same value system and belief; the Indigenous People of Biafra in solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu have stormed Abuja high Court dressed in Israeli religious outfit. The formidability of the people is something that cannot be compared to anything. In spite of the military threat and clampdown of the people; they still turn out en-mass to soldier on with their leader.

The Government of Israel has been strongly urged through different activists to wade into Biafra case; a case that has recorded abuse of human right and unwarranted bloodshed. While the call has not received a bold or official backing or response; the people of Biafra continue to believe that their brothers in Israel will someday wake up to their afflictions.

It has long been argued that the Indigenous People of Biafra is the real Israel while the Israeli State is part of it. They have continued to show that they have same religious belief, value system and political values and this however ought to have prompted the intervention of Israeli State to stopping this ongoing massacre of Biafrans in cold blood.

In Abuja high Court; the Indigenous People of Biafra are once more demonstrating their heritage and showing the world where they came from. As the Court will soon commence; the out of today’s case will go a long way shaping the matter before the High Court.

The show of religious outfit could as well be a way of calling the attention of the people of Israel to come to the rescue of their leader. The people of Biafra have spent most of their years calling for international intervention to stop bloodbath on their land.

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