Gov. Wike Complaining about the killings by Police and Military in Rivers State

By Ifeanyi Chijioke ¤ Writes for TBP
Twitter: @Biafrapost ¤ December 20, 2016

Nyesom Wike is one of the Governors Nnamdi Kanu; the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra eulogized so much. The eulogy is not as a result of any direct engagement but his resoluteness and strength which he demonstrated to have won Rivers State election. Who would not love such a man; he demonstrated what being a Biafran could be like. The strength; the vigor, the passion and everything it takes to accomplish everything. At the end of the day; Rivers State was in his hands, he won and still winning, it would be another level of stupidity for a Biafran not to support our ‘crazy lion’.

Buhari needed Rivers at all cost but Wike was there to save the people of Biafra; he won the State for every single one of us. I was still praising Wike’s extra-ordinary battle which put Rotimi Amaechi on his heels; calling one Judge or another to unseat Wike. One would wonder how a lion will make way for a sheep; to have saved Rivers from the hands of a saboteur like Rotimi Amaechi, I will keep eulogizing Wike.

Then when Wike took over power; the evil spirit ruling Nigeria came over him, he was quick to forget that the people voted him and trusted him. Rivers belongs to People of Biafra and they decide what happens any time they go to the poll. Having taken decision that Wike will represent them in the Government house; it was a significant shock to see that same man allow Soldiers and Policemen to shoot unarmed people of the State simply for demanding referendum through peaceful and lawful protest.

Peaceful protest for sovereign State of Biafra is not a good one to Wike’s ambition, even though; the protest will not hurt his office. If Biafra is restored today; Biafrans could still demand Wike to rule because he showed strength when they needed one. Wike failed to be equally or randomly proactive; his straight thought made him took decision he was not supposed to take.

Rivers State was one of the places murder of Biafrans was recorded; the Military and the Police engaged in extra-judicial execution of peaceful and lawful Biafrans. I don’t have enough evidence to accuse Wike as the mastermind or who ordered the genocide. I have the moral right to believe that Wike’s silence over the massacre clearly showed his support for that act. It was expected of Wike to out-rightly condemn the unlawful execution of peaceful Biafran protesters which he never did. He was either pleasing Abuja or telling Abuja that he doesn’t know his people demanding referendum.

According to investigations; Wike at the initial time lawfully followed Biafran protesters by allowing the people to exercise their constitutional rights but when accusations of complicity emanated from Rotimi Amaechi’s APC; he quickly adjusted and illegally backed clamp down on Biafrans. The Police started their savagery and the Military was not left out; Rivers became what it is today because of that one singular misjudgment. They killed and maimed peaceful Biafran protesters in Rivers; never a day did I hear Wike caution the Police or Military to apply caution.

Like the Nazi era; the onslaught has reached Wike’s door step, he is now shouting and screaming what the Military and the Police had become. He led a peaceful protest to demand the sack of the Police officers that were complicit in the murder of his supporters and polling agents. He vowed never to fund Police force or Military; he threatened heaven and earth and promised unofficial sanctions and he is really serious over everything he promised. When I read Wike make threats and protest; I felt the stupidity of our dear Governor- a fearful lion. Had he fought extra-Judicial execution when his people-Biafrans were being confronted; it would have sent a strong message to Buhari and his forces that Rivers will not take any unlawful treatment of her people. Wike kept mute when Biafrans were massacred and Buhari took that for his culture and that is why they today murder his supporters and agents and yet nothing will happen because nothing happened.

Wike is shouting and screaming and expecting intervention; when the people of Biafra screamed and shouted, he had a chance to intervene but he looked the other way and so shall the world look the other way in his case. Killing will continue to go on in Rivers; the Police will keep killing and the Military will continue as well, Wike cannot stop it and if he moves to stop it, he may be murdered. That singular mistake he made by not condemning killing of the people of Biafra; for opposing Muhammed Buhari, the Police and Military will kill and kill until Biafra is restored; the only thing that can stop State sponsored murder.

Politicians in Biafra land have formed habit of choosing power over the people; Wike and his cohorts will support the murder or not condemn the extra-judicial execution of the people of Biafra to please Abuja but one thing is assured; once Abuja is through with the people, they face you that supported or failed to fight them. They did not see Biafrans protester to kill and they quickly turned to Wike’s supporters and agents. They have killed and they will continue to kill; not funding them will be a big mistake; the Northern oligarchy he pleased with the souls of Biafrans needs more souls.

There is still time left for all these politicians in Biafra land to unite for a common cause; nobody is asking for their support but what the people ask is to ensure the protection of their constitutional rights which is not much a demand. When we stand and fight injustice; we don’t only fight for the recipients but fight for ourselves. We fight for the future and stable world; injustice left to fester will definitely come back to us and that is the seed Wike is reaping right now. There is time to sow a new seed; is not too late to make corrections. Before he screams further; let him hear my advice and hold his tears.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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