Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (In black attire) - IPOB Leader

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
November 22, 2016

It is no longer a tale by the moon light or one of those story lines often said at night by the elders to create an imaginative thinking neither can it be said to be a folklore any longer; it is a norm that in a democratic setting there exist three arms of powers that operate independently without interference from the other, thereby creating "check and balance" in government. This pure principle for a smooth running of a government seems to be absent in Nigeria. Division of power is deceit and lies in Nigeria of today under a tyrannical rule managed by Buhari.

Following the events of things as it unfold right from the very days of Justice John Tsoho to Justice Binta Nyako, one do not need a soothsayer to illustrate the level at which the executive has raped the judiciary of her powers and placed her under siege ever since the executive kidnapped some judges on corrupt assumption practices.
Corruption in Nigeria did not start today. If we can roll back in history a bit to exhume some of the dead relics of corruption in Nigeria starting from the time of genocidist Gowon, down to this current regime of General Buhari who is jumping up and down that he is fighting corruption in the shadows without a clear map, plan and vision to his unrealized quest of fighting that which enriched him.

Corruption in Nigeria is a clear case of rob my back, I rob yours. Watch my back, I watch yours as well, and that is the sole reason why Justice Binta Nyako has resorted to court adjournments since it has been established that person(s) within her family tree is corrupt as well. And to avoid the slaying hammer of Buhari's indictment, she has decided to be indecisive on Nnamdi Kanu's case thereby giving the executive the much needed time to keep him in their custody.

The world is actually watching with keen interest over Justice Binta Nyako's every moves and deliberations on this self determination case which tyrant Buhari and his government apparatus viewed to be a treasonable offence when in the actual sense Kanu is not after Buhari's government or wants Buhari to be overthrown from his government. Rather what Nnamdi Kanu asked for is for him and his people to be allowed to be free and safe in Biafra since the Nigeria government cannot guarantee their life and safety in Nigeria.

Since every organ of government in Nigeria is corrupt, Buhari had hold firmly on that to rape and manipulate the judiciary. And anybody that did not dance to his tune bears his brunt of not playing and acting to his tune of indecisions and indecisiveness. Buhari having intimidated the judiciary into silent has laced the body with a powerful sedative 'case adjournment' syrup as it has become a well known fact that the razzmatazz charges or better known to be trump-up charges against Nnamdi Kanu cannot stand the test of time anywhere in the world, hence Justice Binta Nyako came up with unnecessary furtherance of court adjournments as a delay tactics to persuade Kanu to negotiate Biafra with Buhari.

The Nigeria judiciary has become a laughing stock before all and sundry as her handlers had chosen to become political harlots, political puppets, willing tools in the hands of the executive and the executive is not relenting on its oars to keep on raping the judiciary of its absolute powers to dispense Justice to the masses no matter whose ox is groaned.

All these political demagogues from Biafra land who in their greed to enrich themselves with this genuine struggle of self determination had in the past weeks engaged Buhari in a series of meetings of which the outcome of the said useless meetings, Buhari instructed them to persuade Nnamdi Kanu to drop the Biafra struggle and regain his freedom, and the useless senators and clueless elders failed to understand that Buhari cannot win this case nor jail Nnamdi Kanu over his right to self determination which is a universal right.

The arguments to present to Justice Binta Nyako are:

1) Is self determination a treasonable offence or crime elsewhere or only in Nigeria?
2) Nigeria as an amalgamated entity, are they above the UN charter on the rights of the Indigenous People to Self Determination?
3) Why is justice wearing a ski-mask over this case and who is culpable of facing jail terms for disobeying court orders?

Justice Binta Nyako should desist from this her unnecessary court adjournments and do the needful demanded of her to do rather than waiting for the outcome of those sellout senators meeting with Nnamdi Kanu before she will make her decisions known to the world over a self determination activist incarcerated under a tyrant.

It's obvious that Justice Binta Nyako is patiently waiting for orders from tyrant Buhari as to know which line of action to take  on the outcome of the meeting set to take place between Nnamdi Kanu and our political harlots from Biafra. The game plan is clear as to why Justice Binta Nyako has suddenly become indecisive over a case that lacks complexity rather a homogenous one. Binta should tell the world whether Kanu is guilty or not on her next court sitting.

To those sell-out senators and elders making demagoguery statements for inclusive government, should know that our brothers and sisters died from the evil onslaught perpetrated on them by the Nigeria armed security men not on inclusive government rather on a freedom cause basis. They died for what they believed in. Buhari's bullets cannot stop them. Neither will the inclusive government which you Senators are discussing with Buhari, will stop the agitation for Biafra freedom from Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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