Photo of Late Rev. Mr. Lazarus Ibewike

BY Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe
November 21, 2016

The menace and atrocities being committed by Fulani herdsmen  in Biafra land has taken another dimension, whilst Nigerian  government  helplessly watches dormantly as innocent people continues to be massacred on a daily basis.

It was a very sad day yesterday at Okoro Ebenator Ekwe, in Isu Local Government Area of Imo State as the body of Late Rev. Mr. Lazarus Ibewike and his father   late Mr. Mathias Offor were laid to rest respectively.  Both father and son were victims of Fulani herdsmen terrorists who caused havoc during recent attacks in Enugu and other parts of Biafra land.

Late Rev. Mr. Lazarus Ibewike was a servant of God in Enugu state metropolis when he was murdered by Fulani herdsmen terrorists. According to report, his father was shocked with heart attack when he receives the sudden death of his Son and was said to have died instantly.

According to a reliable source who confided to Family Writers Journalist, says upon their death, Imo state police seized the corpse, until yesterday when the deceased were laid to rest. The source stated that the Imo state police demanded that the traumatized family should pay a sum of #50,000 before they release the body of the clergy man to them, of which the bereaved family later paid after series of arguments.

Describing this incident, a family member identified as Chukwudi said that Imo state police need to be sanitized and sensitized,
 “ our uncle died while serving Nigeria as a pastor, only to be charged with #50,000 before his late body could be laid to rest. This is totally rubbish, there is no law in this country." he said.
Another youth of the community added,

The murder of Rev. Lazarus is a wakeup call to all Biafrans. We must learn to defend our land against possible invasion by these blood sucking terrorists that calls themselves Fulani herdsmen, since the police that suppose to protect us through internal policing is no longer effective and only arrives at a scene of a crime when a mayhem has been unleashed," Okoro Ebenator Ekwe warned.



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