Buhari and Bokoharam leader saying the same thing

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
November 13, 2016

Human conscience is the only true judge that human soul cannot and will not often lie to; because conscience is like spirit and an ideology which when developed in a negative manner will destroy the human society.

Northerners in their conscience perceived terrorism as a means to usurp power in Nigeria, they thereby conceived Book Haram (Boko Haram) as an effective means to attain to their wishes and demand; which they freely established with the support and backing from Buhari to get back to power with their ineffective change mantra. The dreaded sect has become over-grown worms over the rotten apple. The worms are the Boko Haram while the rotten apple is Buhari's evil consciousness that the worms are; eating up Nigeria in different ways and methods ever since their "Grand Lord" "Buhari" returned back to Aso Rock, the Nigeria seat of Power in Abuja.

This news will guide your conscience and intelligence as to ask questions over what happened to the $50 Million the European Union gave to tyrant Buhari on the premise to address some of the challenges happening in his country in the areas of combating terrorism in the North East of Nigeria, Militancy in the Biafra Deltas and for the upkeep of the Bokoharam victims in the IDPs:

1. Can Buhari and his APC government tell us what happened to the said fund?
2. Was the fund promised not being forwarded to the coffers of Nigeria government?
3. If the fund actually remitted, can Buhari and his APC government give us a detailed account on what happened to the funds?
4. Can Buhari and his APC government give us receipts of all the things the said money covered and the remaining balance sheet?

Because in government you sign and keep memo/dockets of all the transactions that took place or about to happen and the balance.

You think it's a joke that your conscience is rattling within you to search for answers after this expository news. To guide your conscience and thinking cap, this piece of news is here to lay bare what happened to the fund, the hidden agenda that happened with the said $50 Milion and why it remained unreported by the Nigerian media outlets; is as a result of Buhari's clampdown on the freedom of the press and information.

A Grand Lord is a founder of a secret group, sects, fraternity or occultic movement, he oversees the affairs of his members' beliefs, he narrow out plans, he lay down ideologies, principles on what his members do; though he may not come out full fledged to say to his members I am your Grand Lords but the wise among them can easily identify him by his works and act. In a nutshell all respect goes back to him because he is the chief architect that knows how best to keep on financing and supporting them to avoid leak or open rebellion.

Buhari finances and supports Bokoharam in the dark and in the day antagonizes them. He dines with them in secret, and in the day floats news on how he had defeated them. Sane mind ought to ask; how could one defeat his own ideology? Mind you, it is on record Buhari once said; "an attack against Bokoharam is an attack on the North". Does that ring a bell?

Buhari has rewarded his Bokoharam Boys for disguising themselves as herders to kill Biafrans in their farm lands and in their sleeps to champion his pet project of Islamic movement all over Nigeria. Buhari has rewarded his Bokoharam boys in Military uniform over the killing of unarmed IPOB members for refusing to be quiet and be Islamized.

It is on record that in October 83 Soldiers of the Nigeria army were reported missing after the onslaught on them by the Bokoharam sect. 4th of November about seven soldiers died from the Bokoharam stray bullets while about four persons were wounded and currently are receiving treatments.

Buhari's surrogates - the DSS had illegally transferred the said $50 Milion to the Bokoharam camp for arms procurement, feeding and other miscellaneous the sect needs to carry on their campaign of total islamization of Nigeria. Chibok Girls Scam was also ransomed. This money is also part of their long over due payment that Buhari promised to disburse when he gets into government.

The end of that man who chooses evil over good is destruction and his ways are slippery and he is doomed to fail. Buhari's destruction is near as power has changed hands to expose him. A leak from our reputable sources inside has it that the Nigeria military are currently on a disquiet movement over the forwarding of $50 Milion to the Bokoharam camp which had enabled them to procure more arms, reinforcing and killing them on a daily basis while Buhari ask them to fight on without funds. And all the excuses they got was it was used to release the Chibok girls against what the money was stipulated for before the International Communities released the fund to Buhari.

The Public should know that as a result of this illegal fund being channeled to this dreadful sect camp that gave rise to the current upsurge in the killings and disappearance of persons in Nigeria. Buhari's government has empowered Bokoharam above limits to effectively bring Islam to every door post in Nigeria. The terrorists have in totality outsmarted the weak and decaying Nigerian Military who only gain strength killing defenseless IPOB members.

Buhari is the Bokoharam Grand Lord who goes about begging for International help on how to combat the menace of terrorism in Nigeria, how his government is working assiduously to defeat Bokoharam whereas in reality he is their chief financier. He renders his support to them in the form of ransoming the missing Chibok scam; all his quest is to Islamize Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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