By Kelechi Okorie
November 21, 2016

Fear is a strong uncontrollable emotion caused by perceived threat. The uneducated Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari, seems not to have a hidden place to ease his fright whenever Biafra is mention. Thus, his wasted one year flight syndrome was jettison after he encountered persisted disgrace from Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB in Diaspora for killing innocent Biafrans and illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu; that curtailed his jamboree around the word since he assumed office through the back door with the help of his Western play masters; former British Prime Minister David Camroon and outgoing US President Barrack Obama.

Restriction of one’s opinion is to put him in handcuff and detain him. Nnamdi Kanu is well known as a preacher, a teacher using his microphone to remind his Biafran people of whom they are; why they must embraced their historical background, heritage and inherit their endowed innovation. His steadfastness had surprised Northern elders; seeing a brave man from Biafraland with such a tsunami gospel of truth. All their divide and rule tactics were deconstructed with facts and figures, hence prompting people to freely air their views.

Now there is relieve and fresh air in peoples' perception of events around them; this new born spirit had endangered Biafran political jobbers who have always conspired with the North to enrich themselves at the detriment of their people. Never in history had one given what he does not have; Nigeria today is paying the price of rigging in an illiterate president Muhammadu Buhari into power. The economy is now on recession without hope of revival. People are in disdain due to high rate of inflation. National issues that could have been handled with intensive rationale are truncated with application of high-handedness to subdue Biafrans' voices of reasoning.

Today fear cannot allow Buhari to step his feet on Biafra soil. He was once quoted through his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, while addressing Niger Delta stakeholders at the Presidential Villa, Abuja that any Nigerian who has another country to relocate is free to do so. This Presidential press statement was applauded by all and sundry. But barely 24 hours after that statement, military hardwares were stationed in all nook and cranny in the same Biafraland. This is the same way the arch-genocidist Yakubu Gowan said Nigeria unity does not exist but later came back in full military force.

Unity by force is slavery. Now IPOB had vowed to have their way out of Nigeria and never to relent despite the cost. Biafra is a global phenomenon. Buhari’s body language cannot be curtailed when he unconsciously mentioned Biafra; on 13th September when Corps members paid him a courtesy visit in his hometown Daura Kastina State, he bluntly convey his fear by telling the corp members to tell their colleagues and friends in Biafraland to forget Biafra. Since then people had repeatedly lamented he could have let them know that their wasted one year NYSC will end up joining the unemployment queue after passing out from the scheme than his uncontrolled rhetoric speech.

Buhari’s secret police trumped-up charges to keep Nnamdi Kanu in unlawful detention remains Buhari’s led government priority with interior motive to wash away Biafra agitation till he leave office as they boasted IPOB leader must remain behind the bar no matter his unconditional released. Nigeria Judiciary Council has made themselves robot; its Attorney General is adamant and dump to have allowed DSS change their frivolous charges at the last minutes as a way of buying time due to fear of defeat.

Power seekers in Buhari’s led government by now ought to have known that self determination is a sacred right of all free peoples; IPOB is not exceptional to exercise that right for the world to see. Plebiscite is the best option to text their resolve and allow Biafrans to decide for their future jus as UK had decided to opt out from EU with their collective votes.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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