November 19, 2016

This week Chima Onyekachi and Ifeanyi Chijioke bring to you in brief everything that happened in Biafra land and Nigeria; as the celebration of Trump’s victory by Biafrans keeps its pace; a couple of events have unfolded in Biafra land and Nigeria. Stay with us every week for your digest.

President-elect - Donald J Trump
Donald Trump is the President-elect of USA and while Biafrans are still celebrating; Nigerians are gnashing their teeth over what they fear will come out of Trump’s America. They are already suggesting that Trump would withdraw American aid to Nigeria. They supported Clinton so much; donating millions of dollars while hunger is ravaging Nigerians.

It was reported that Nigerian government gave Boko Haram a whooping sum of $50 million over the deal to release 21 Chibok girls. Book Haram has used the money to reinforce and top Nigerian serving army officers have been murdered with countless soldiers included. American aid is disappointedly being used to sponsor Boko Haram; Buhari has done more harm than good to humanity.

Man inhumanity; 7 years old child burnt alive in Lagos - Nigeria
A seven year old child was lynched in Lagos for stealing cassava flakes; what will a poor child do? He wanted to eat, he was very hungry and he was pushed to illegally go for food. Nigerians are heartless; but why should we put all the blames on those that lynched the poor boy? I think Buhari should be held responsible; he has destroyed Nigerian economy and maybe the prophecies that said hence Nnamdi Kanu remains in prison; Nigeria will keep experiencing hell, terror and evil is effective.

President Buhari looking unhappy to meet Sec. Kerry
Buhari just travelled to Morocco; Nigerian Junketeer in-chief; always in the air; he wants to use his four years for tourism. He met Secretary of State John Kerry; guess what? He told John Kerry that corrupt people are fighting his government. This is his excuse for the recession and dying Nigeria; this man has a huge problem, I know he is unaware that Kerry will soon leave that position and maybe will Trump listen to his trash? What corruption is he talking about? What corruption is bigger than detaining innocent Nnamdi Kanu and releasing Boko Haram terrorists, Flouting Court orders; arresting Fani Kayode as many times as possible and leaving Rotimi Ameachi in Aso Rock?

Edwin Clark feeding the press after meeting P. Buhari to beg for an oil bloc allocation instead of what he was sent for; release of Nnamdi Kanu & restructuring for self determination
Edwin Clark just went to Abuja to demand for oil blocs and amnesty; just as they used MEND, he tried to use Niger Delta Avengers but God punished him when King Alfred Diete-Spiff was urged by the militants to overthrow him. Alfred successfully did that and went to Abuja to communicate the mind of militants which is, release Nnamdi Kanu and restructure Nigeria.

Femi Fani-Kayode has been released after his second arrest; Nigeria is a stinking area; Lord Lugard created a mess. He met Nnamdi Kanu while in detention and said he is Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ojukwu rolled in one. Just imagine such confession; Biafrans have someone worthy of celebrating and honoring. We are waiting for what they discussed but seriously; believe you me it must be about restructure and sovereign State of Biafra. As we already know, Nnamdi Kanu will confidently win him in that debate.

The Presidency just said that Niger Delta militants do not want to negotiate; this administration is full of deceit. What negotiation are they talking about again when release of Nnamdi Kanu and restructure had been tabled to them as condition? Release of Nnamdi Kanu is the major condition that can solve all these problems but they are yet to do any one. Let them keep wallowing in deceit while Niger Delta Avengers keep the struggle alive.

Also, Niger Delta Avengers commenced bombing of pipelines after days of ceasefire; guess what? The dialogue just collapsed; Clark is brokering amnesty while what the boys want is freedom or autonomy. They want the abuse of Nnamdi Kanu’s rights to stop; after all Nigerians mocked both Nnamdi Kanu and Avengers when Jonathan lost his re-election bid.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu & others stepping out of court room after another adjournment
Nnamdi Kanu’s Court case hit the rock again, a huge disappointment to the world; it was expected that he would be granted bail by the new trial Judge but only to be adjourned to 1st December. Maybe they are looking for a reason not to grant him bail or they are afraid justice will not be welcomed by the Emperor. Independence of the Judiciary is a thing of the past in Nigeria; even a Judge will rule and be pressured to overrule himself by the executive. There is no reason or justification to continue to hold a prisoner of conscience; his release is overdue.

South East Senate Caucus meeting P. Buhari to discuse about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - the IPOB Leader
Some Senators volunteered to meet Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison as part of the effort to solve the problem emanating from his continued detention. They have met Buhari but have not made public their purported meeting with Nnamdi Kanu. Nnamdi Kanu has repeatedly said that he would not forfeit Biafra for anything and what Nigerian Senators will bring on the table remains unknown. Instead of release Nnamdi Kanu and engage him in a debate or dialogue; they locked him up to break him; animals in human form!

Join us next week for another round of our weekly digest; where we summarize major events that took place.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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