Justice Binta Nyako

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 29, 2016

I have invested much of my time analyzing the counter affidavit brought before Justice Binta Nyako and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing worthy of attention therein. “National Security Threat” though this claim is baseless, but I sense that is the point Muhammed Buhari through the DSS will be pressuring Justice Binta Nyako to hold or anchor injustice based on denial of bail. You can question the particulars to buttress this claim from now to tomorrow, you will definitely get nothing and that is evidence that tagging national security threat is baseless. You arrested a peaceful activist; unlawfully imprisoned him, flouted Court orders for his release, killed his people and arrested more of him yet he remained peaceful. He refused to raise a stick or urge anyone to; he still put his hope on the judiciary, only for the judiciary to be compromised and denied him bail through a puppet Judge on reasons that he is a threat to national security; this is man inhumanity against man.

Amnesty International released a report recently; this credible Human Right Institution deserves to be respected. The report was made explicit to the extent that they gave account of everything that has happened from the beginning to the end. Their major focus was to bring justice to the sustained genocide going on in Biafra land. Though Nigerian government denied any wrong doing; when a video was uploaded by the Institution, Nigeria was humbled and while they have not apologized for lying against Amnesty International, we will take it that they are now ashamed to make another statement.

The timing of the release of the report means Amnesty International has a message for (you) the trial Judge, Justice Binta Nyako when they stated that (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has been peaceful and deserves protection not arrest. In my recent article; I noted that the world was disappointed with the last adjournment of the matter by (you) Justice Binta Nyako, it was expected that (you) she would grant Nnamdi Kanu bail but when the news of the adjournment came, fear started to fester that Buhari might take the period of the adjournment to succeed in pressuring (you) the trial Judge just as he pressured Justice John Tsoho.

Amnesty International in their widely circulated report explicitly noted that Nnamdi Kanu has been a peaceful activist and poses no threat of any kind. The Institution made it clear that there was no reason to have the army in the places of the gathering of IPOB because Nnamdi Kanu poses no threat. It further said that Nigerian government should have given Nnamdi Kanu policemen that would have protected him and his people instead of sending the military that arrested and shot them. The question now is how Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to national security when respectable and credible neutral body like Amnesty International that is heard and respected worldwide after a forensic investigation came out with the report that Nnamdi Kanu needs protection, no need to be monitored let alone to be arrested.

By virtue of the report by Amnesty International; the claim that Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to national security is as baseless as anything one can think of. Meanwhile, the Human Right Institution made it clear that crimes against humanity has been committed against Nnamdi Kanu and urged that action be taken to address the injustice against him. Justice Binta Nyako (you) can technically be complicit in the crime against humanity if (you) she does the injustice of denying Nnamdi Kanu bail when such move will directly subside the military action as a result of protesting for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

The report coming few days before the much anticipated ruling on bail application is a clear message from Amnesty International to (you) the trial Judge that Nnamdi Kanu is not a threat to any national security and further urging you to take action which is clear that granting Nnamdi Kanu bail will douse the tension generated so far since his arrest. (You) Justice Binta Nyako is expected to correct the injustice perpetrated through the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu by granting him bail because as reported by Amnesty International that he was supposed to be protected and not arrested due to he has remained peaceful and lawful whilst agitation cannot be a crime in a democratic dispensation. It would be wise to assimilate the message by Amnesty International as there won’t be any means to achieve peace if not through justice and respect of human rights.

As I have always said; the case before (you) the trial judge is a classical dilemma between conscience and interest and it is undeniable that only justice will make men stronger and win any battle. It is highly expected that 1st December will mark the beginning of the end to the injustice now being fought by men of good will all around the world. Messages might have been sent to (you) the trial judge; both negative and positive ones but it is imperative to hear this message by Amnesty International because when they talk, the deaf hears. The best way to save Nigeria is granting Nnamdi Kanu bail. This is crucial because if (you) Nigeria fail to act and wait for the world to act on Amnesty International’s report, Nigeria will not have it easy.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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