Mazi Nnamdi Kanu & others leaving Court after a yet again adjournment

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 18, 2016

Nnamdi Kanu is a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience; such prisoners are made due the sluggishness of the Judiciary or in a corruption-ridden system. Nigeria has been ravaged by corruption and Buhari that took the mantle of leadership on the basis that he would kill corruption only introduced a new corruption that was termed ‘fantastic corruption’ by the former British leader David Cameron. This is such a matter that the Judiciary is supposed to show they are alive and truly the hope of a common man. Sadly, the reverse is the case; in Nigeria the Judiciary is the hope of the men in power. Struck by adjournment syndrome to delay justice; Justice Binta Nyako will be a different breed.

If I am asked; will this matter be adjourned again; I will pause and pout; look back and say ‘anything is possible in Nigeria’. This is a country ravaged by corruption and every part or arm of it is not spared. It would always take a brave man or woman to live above corruption; every Nigerian is literally corrupt and always held at ransom by corruption to corruptly favor another. I can briefly illustrate it this way; I give you a work to do in my favor as payment to not probe you. This is why you see Rotimi Amaechi not being probed while Reuben Abati is probed. This is a fantastically corrupt Country and the beautiful corruption seen here is a tradition.

The continuous adjournment of the matter regarding the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is a huge disappointment to locals and internationals; it was highly expected that the trial Judge would look at the trumped up charges and then overlook the weak counter affidavit. Clearly, there is no evidence to buttress the charges against Nnamdi Kanu; the adjournment was a disappointment as the trial Judge could have done justice that has long eluded this matter.

What is therein to look into or assess? This is not a complex matter but may be described as interest matter due to the dispositions and statements credited to the President of Nigeria. Adjournment syndrome has hit this matter because corruption in the Judiciary wouldn’t let Judges discharge justice. Corruption is always hell bent that the matter will go its way which subsequently brings about legal gridlock or dead point.

The Trial Judge would adjourn the matter because nobody knows what will be said or ruled and it would generate internal tension. This means that a Judge the case shall be assigned to must be the one willing to do the bidding attached to the file. This adjournment syndrome could be as a result of fear; fear of being chastised by the Emperor who said openly in his maiden media chat that he would not release Nnamdi Kanu in spite of Court orders mandating his unconditional release. There is always a fear factor because there is a stake or a repercussion. Then when it looks like there is no reason or argument and everything is clearly pointing the way of justice; adjournment syndrome strikes and another date is assigned for reinforcement to kill justice.

On the other hand; this adjournment syndrome could be as a result of indecision; the ruling and contradiction of the ruling on same matter by same judge is enough evidence that there is pressure from behind. This often hinders the trial Judge from taking a decision because; the source of the pressure must be aware of any decision before it is established. This however whips up adjournment which gives room for illegal deliberation for a decision. There is a remarkable distraction which forces indecision because as much as l know; the world is becoming sick of adjournment.

If Nigerian Judiciary decides to dance the beat being played by the executive; it is very much okay because in the end; they would learn the importance of separation of power. Nnamdi Kanu is a time bomb that needs to be averted on time. If that political prisoner is illegally jailed; there would be serious problem that might spill into full blown crisis. If he is continued to be technically imprisoned; it is doing nobody any good on the basis that human right is trampled which might activate diplomatic issues.

Finally, this adjournment syndrome looks like permission; it is believed that as a prisoner of conscience and to demonstrate the incapacitation of the Judiciary; there must always be adjournment to enable the Judiciary take permission from the Emperor before any ruling is made on the matter. Due to the incompetence of the Judiciary; it is widely believed that it has been hijacked and now manipulated by the executive.

In a Country a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience is found; it simply passes a message that the Judiciary of that Country is either dead or hijacked. The adjournment syndrome witnessed so far in Nnamdi Kanu;s case is beginning to raise questions. It is believed that this adjournment shall be the last as Binta Nyako will braveringly do the long awaited justice to the matter.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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