Today's media propaganda

By Okpara Chimaobi
November 12, 2016

Among the avalanche of modern technologies that has shaped our 21st century life, none has been as powerful as social media in influencing public opinion towards a counter narrative to single stories, which has always been peddled by the social class that controls the mass media.

Time has gone when the ruling class uses their control of the instruments of mass media like the T.V stations, Radio stations and Newspaper houses to run down their perceived opponents by propagating a single story that they sell to the unsuspecting masses: which before the advent of social media had no other means of verifying these outrageous and damnable reports, therefore, they swallow everything hook, line and sinker, as long as the information is coming from a credible source; whether compromised or not; while the victims of these media blackmails remained voiceless, dumbfounded and humiliated.

However, the advent of social media has made it possible that today everyone's voice could be heard irrespective of social status, or political affiliations. For instance, without the social media, Chidinma Okeke of the famous Miss Anambra Lesbian sex video could have been totally silenced and damned, considering the power play and the controversies surrounding the sex video.

Again, it is a well known fact that President Buhari and APC rode to power through the platform of social media, without which they may not have been able to counter the powerful mass media war, which the PDP government, unleashed on them through the state owned media and other mass media outlets like AIT.

Furthermore, it is on record, that IPOB has through the instrumentality of social media, been able to defy all government propaganda mercenaries that is being used to cause division and undermine the unity of IPOB in other to destabilize the Biafran struggle. But IPOB has remained formidable, and has instead, forced the mainstream mass media that has been on media blackout on Biafra Issues to report Biafra. This was possible due to the overwhelming presence of Biafrans on social media where they are telling the world their own story, in contrast to the false single story that is being peddled by the Nigerian government's main stream media.

No wonder the recent attack on the Radio Biafra London Main Facebook page with almost a Million active members, in an attempt to strike the social media base of Biafrans in other to frustrate the overbearing influence of Biafrans on social media through which they are reaching out to the world .

Finally, social media, has been able to counter and dismantled the age long American government and other western powers manipulation of their people by media inoculation through a continuous and constant broadcast and spread of propaganda messages that is aimed at controlling their peoples' mindsets in other to achieve a desired outcome; which they have failed to achieve in Brexit, and the US Presidential election where they used the entire state Apparatus and the entire mass media to smear Donald Trump's image as a Racist, Misogynist and an Unstable Narcissist. They went ahead to always twist everything that he says in other to put him in a bad light. But thank God for the social media. Because everyone can now be heard directly, and it only takes a tweet or one Facebook post to clear all their lies and the people will know better.

No wonder despite all the media blackmail on Trump, he kept on getting millions of likes and followers on Facebook and twitter, in contrast to to his rival that was getting fewer likes despite all the campaign the mainstream media was doing for her, that on the height of the election day, Donald Trump was commanding over 26million followers on Facebook and twitter, with a post on his wall getting over a million likes in contrast to Hillary Clinton less than 10million followers yet the main stream media has kept on pretending that these numbers don't count. Whereas the mainstream media is gradually losing out to the social media, but their prejudice has made them too blind to see it.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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