How market now Mr Prophecy? Nnamdi Kanu is 100% accurate in all predictions watch his interviews in Los Angeles and know that he predicted a Republican President in the time Biafra will come. The video is there for all to see. 

 PROPHETS OF BAAL ARE NO MATCH FOR IPOB!!! Biafrans said Trump YOU worshippers of idol like TB Joshua, Father Mbaka, Pedophile Buhari and Wicked Satanic Nigerians said Clinton. Again IPOB wins! 

All the lies of Islamic CNN, Jihadi BBC and liberal media did not work. The same way all the lies of the Zoo media will not work against Biafra. All enemies of Biafra will fall. Cameron, Obama, Mrs Clinton, Tony Blair, Mark Zuckerberg and Buhari. 

You people are covered in shame today. The Supreme Sovereign Lord of all Creation is on his throne and his will upon the lives of Biafrans must be done. Iseee!!!



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