Part of over 100 disturbing pictures in Amnesty Int.'s report on the killing and maiming of defenseless Biafrans by the Nigerian Military

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 26, 2016

One of the worst things that could happen to Nigerians and their leaders is if they did not read and assimilate this piece of mine. For this purpose, this article will be sent and shared to a good number of Nigerian leaders, Nigerians and international bodies that care for a stable world. Nigerian media in an effort to conceal and defend injustice; everybody is making a mistake or being led to that point everybody ended in 1967. They have failed to appeal to the conscience or consciousness of Nigerians and her leaders to adjust and think more about future, sacrifices and generational stability.
They are extremely fighting Biafra; even when Biafra needs just a dialogue or argument. They have raised weapons in the broad daylight and in the dead of the night when disengaged men see not their acts; they perpetrate injustice, maim, rape, kill and think there are no traces.  The evidence against them is immense; with 87 videos, 0ver hundred photos and more, Nigeria is supposed to be pleading and not backing their crimes against humanity. The price will be ten folds immense than the act; if relevant authorities fail to do justice, the people might go for jungle justice, who knows? We might land into another civil war with the way Nnamdi Kanu - the spark plug is being detained. But hopefully, Justice Binta Nyako will nip it in the bud.

I am practically getting worried over the happenings in Nigeria; this is the carbon copy of everything that caused the 1967 Biafra vs Nigeria war. Gradually and by each dawn, we draw closer to all the events that caused that gruesome war. I am beginning to be conscious of this impending civil war; it is becoming clearer to me that this matter may inevitably lead to another war if we don’t follow Nnamdi Kanu’s ideology or way. Nnamdi Kanu had continuously angled for peace and used mouth without confrontations to execute everything he planned. He took this battle to a level we are alien to; courtesy of his foreign education and experience; they reason matter, they fight with their head and not with guns. This is an internal matter that needs reason, debate, argument and vocal approach, which Nnamdi Kanu has spontaneously used.

I day-dream the previous civil war each time I blink my eyes while on this computer; with my fingers placed on the keyboard, I try to forbid it even though I am ready for it. The majority of Biafrans on the streets shouting that if war doesn’t start that Nigerian government will continue to trample on the human rights of Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans did not experience that war. Nobody knows what war is all about and this is why to trigger another civil war will be as easy as abc. Some are already saying that they would personally get logistics and instigate others on their own accord to fight for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans and ultimately for the restoration of Biafra.

Just like the previous war; everything that caused that civil war is repeating itself, and it is unfortunate that Nigerian leaders have failed to learn from history. There might be some difficulties in drawing the consciousness of Nigerians or the world to this development because instead of making the history of Nigeria which cannot be told without that civil war obvious; they hid it from everyone and had suddenly hid it from their selves as well. With a president his O’level result is under investigation or rather not obtained; I sometimes wonder how they can look with a conventional lens to see that everything they are doing today is same thing they did in 1967 that caused that inhumane civil war.

Nnamdi Kanu is the allegory of that dissatisfaction that festered and caused ethnic confrontations or tensions; Nnamdi Kanu like Biafrans in those days is today being treated to a second class citizen and like a man that has no stake in Nigerian establishment. The President stands and disobeys Court orders mandating his release from detention and nobody talks. He stands and says that no court shall grant him bail until he commands and the Court accedes to that. He does everything he wants against a particular people; give them 5% attention and 95% to others. He detains their leader, kill them and maim them, what is he thinking? That he controls Nigerian military and knows more friendly Countries that would help him execute a second genocide against Biafra Nation. Gradually everything that caused that civil war is clustering and would explode soon.

I would blame the insensitivity of the world and inaction of ICC; because the perpetrators of Biafran genocide went scot-free, they can come out to try another round of that genocide because they are certain they would yet go scot-free. Nigeria as a third world Country will always fail to take correction unless punished for their mistakes, and hence the mistake that caused murder of over 5 million Biafrans was not punished, they are definitely about to cause another one. They won’t pause now and think; the killing is so much, the abuse of right is gross and there is agitation that is yet peaceful and to release Nnamdi Kanu and nip the agitation in the bud is a big problem. They are waiting for war, that they may execute second genocide and silence the people of Biafra for another 50 years.

Amnesty International after a forensic investigation; having 87 videos in their possession, over 100 photos and talked to more than 200 eyewitnesses made a report that over 150 Biafrans have been murdered so far and further said the number is likely higher. Certainly, the number of Biafrans killed since August 2015 till date is higher than the figure Amnesty pronounced. According to Amnesty International, before the finding was made public, they had written to various relevant Nigerian institutions to reply or address to them the measures to arrest the worrying development, but they never did replied or held a meeting or assured of investigation even though the previous time they promised to investigate the killing of Nnamdi Kanus’ people failed woefully. This killing as documented by Amnesty International said that Biafrans have never been violent in their conduct and deserves not even the presence of the military in their place of gathering. The report further noted that the action of Nigerian military is a sheer provocation and attack on Biafrans just like the buildup attack to 1967 civil war.

The Nigerian Military only stood and tackled Amnesty International, positing that they did the right thing by killing Biafrans; according to them, they said they killed to avert what they termed threat to national security. They further baselessly accused Biafrans of killing Hausa and Yoruba people and that was the reason they launched military action against Biafrans. While their claim is baseless and holds no water or rather laughable; it is important to note that such acts were what led to the 1967 civil war. Killing of Biafrans in hundred in guise of anything; be it agitation, ethnic cleansing, hatred or whatsoever is the picture of what pushed Biafrans back home and they decided to die fighting than die with their arms crossed in 1967.

Normally; the world had expected Nigerian government to show remorse over the killing of innocent and peaceful Biafran protesters demanding the release of their leader and promise to probe or investigate the matter. It is condemnable that Nigerian government doesn’t see the lives of Biafrans as worth respecting or protecting, they have continued to kill and maim Biafrans exactly as they were killed in the build to the 1967 civil war. The Nigerian army which represented Buhari has only tried to justify the killing of Biafrans as a normal thing or a responsibility they hold. As we go on in this era, it is noteworthy that everything going on today, ranging from the continued illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu to killing of Biafrans led to the 1967 Biafra vs Nigeria war and it is most likely to lead to another one, but the outcome of this very civil war might be different, Nigerian might have it so bad that they wish they never starred the war.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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