Biafrans want Biafra

By Ada Nnamdi Kanu
November 07, 2016

Nigeria is the only country that forces unity at gun point. She is the only country that does not obey the rule of law. This is a country were there is neither love nor unity. How can a country like this ever stand. We are not one and can never
be one; we don't have the same history, the
only history we shared together was in the era of the colonial masters; which was accepted by our forefather at gun point.

Continuing this trend, Mohammed Buhari have used the state aparatus - Dss and the Nigerian military to kill, maim and put fear in every ones' life in Biafra land. We have been living with struggle, we are been marginalized, detained, massacred enmass even in our own father's land. Even though we are the rightful owners of the oil wells in our backyard, yet we are suffering. Despite these documented killings and ill-treatments against Biafrans, IPOB has refused to be intimidated, hence had continued to press home for total freedom from this Lugardian expired almagameted concoction known as Nigeria.

The 1967/1970 war between Biafra and
Nigeria is a case study where a total of 3.5
million Biafrans where killed to keep this wicked and useless empire contraption together. The British who are the core mastermind of these atrocities and calamities befalling us on daily basis has continually chosed to feign ignorance of the evils going on in Biafra because of its business interests in Nigeria.

Using hunger as a weapon of war that is against the Law of the UN and is reprimandable, was totally ignored and blocked by the British using its diplomatic powers. They made sure justice was denied against a people. Biafran children were allowed to die of kwashiorkor and other malnutrient related diseases. Even our sources of water were poisoned prompting the population to drink their urine to quench their taste on many occasion. Oh what an attrocity! We were deprived of medication from all angles not even a drop of syrup for our dying brothers and sisters. Where did we go wrong to have received and continue to receive this unending maltreatment.

Having gone through these rough roads, Biafrans has chosen to fight their fight once again with determination to succeed. Nigeria and its allies are trying to stop them once again; now Biafrans are asking; IS UNITY BY FORCE? WHY SHOULD WE  BE FORCED TO REMAIN IN A COUNTRY

The forceful Amalgamation of this present day Nigeria we know today, is the direct product of the British imperialism in West Africa. And Biafrans today are saying in unison; WE CAN NEVER BE ONE WITH NIGERIA, NEVER!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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