By Kelechi Okorie
November 20, 2016

Nigeria has seen worst of it all since her creation. Never in life her leaders dream of having someone like Nnamdi Kanu; leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra that stood firm for truth he believes in, not minding how long it takes the unconstitutional DSS's provocative charges and questionable adjournments by Buhari’s puppets in guise of judges playing at gallery to accomplish assigned contract to jail him earlier together with other prisoners of conscience at all cost by a well known compromised Judge John Tsoho, a poisonous green snake in a green grass at the bench.

Already, it was made known to the world over the radio long before that IPOB cannot retreat from Biafra restoration despite the world's media blackout and Buhari’s led government ineptitude to handle Biafra agitations with discretion. A Biafran who pleaded anonymous was of the view; "DSS has no witness for their kindergarten charges only buying time to quench Biafrans' high spirit, he continues saying; if Binta Nyako is afraid of passing a judgment against Nigeria government; it's far better she stand down and let a fearless judge that cannot bastardize his legal profession for an old illiterate pedophile, and a sole emperor of the contraption call Nigeria at the corridor of power’’.

Does it mean the case was that hard and hence prompted Justice Binta Nyako's two weeks gap to thoroughly study the bail application to ascertain a simple judgment? Or was she still waiting Nigerian President to decide for her through press statement to elongate their unconstitutional release made by Justice Ademole to truncate justice in favor of the illegal self-appointed DSS? Reintroduction of the same charges that was acquitted twice, by DSS was a sign of executive interference in judicial system. Who knows the the Judge will not be in labor for a sudden pregnancy in the next court seating! It is obvious Buhari can easily frame excuses to abscond December 1st court case. They should also remember that ECOWAS has already fixed February to avoid clash of date as they normally do to inject anxiety.  November 17th, Nnamdi Kanu and co defendants’ bail application hearing was inconsequential hence nothing reasonable was proclaimed by the Judge.

It is certain justice is far from Nigerian judicial system; judges are being intimidated by power intoxicated Buhari. For the first time in the history of democracy in Nigeria, armored tanks were stationed adjacent to the court harassing journalists covering how events unfold. Invariably, the Judge ought to have intervened in these malicious barbaric acts of violation of human right; her silence showed how bias the bench dances to please their masquerade jury at Aso Villa, Nigeria seat of power.

Laughable six counts charges showed how parochial Buhari’s led government in this contemporary world is. DSS has run shortage of charges to convince the honorable court beyond reasonable doubt to convict the accused persons. It is comprehensively understandable her ruling shall determine her husband’s - Mutala Nyako (former Governor of Adamawa State) corruption case. Everyone knows Buhari will not obey court order, even Binta Nyako delivers fair judgment to deal with his insensitiveness. A heavy sanction remains the best option from the international community against Buhari's Nigeria for disobeying judicial orders and his illtreatment of fellow defenseless citizens.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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