Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - IPOB Leader, in court

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 10, 2016

Permit me to borrow the term of the popular film ‘The Legend of the Seeker’ I clearly watched that film when I was still crazy about suspenseful foreign movies. I would watch season one twice and so on to the last season. I never get bored or tired of watching confessor confess the enemy of the Seeker or that odd moment she would confess the Seeker himself and control him. once she grasps your neck and electrical or thunder and lightning leaves her eyes into yours; you become her servant and while holding your sword to slit her throat; you will unavoidably turn around and say “Mistress, command me” at that point; if she commands you to kill your father, you will helpless and passionately run the sword through your father’s rib and then maybe that is the end.

In this article; I want to clearly replicate the scene; though Mother confessor would not confess the Seeker; the Jury would confess the Judge. In law, justice is dispensed and one simple thing is that justice must be seen by all as it dispenses. Jury is a team of Judges, when more than one Judge is assigned to hear a matter. The Judges are often three so that popular two-third decision can be achieved. In this case, the Judges preside over a matter and after that; they sit down and separately take decision and the unanimous decision is approved. This is a kind of voting for a superior reason or argument; between a Jury and a Judge; a Jury has the power to confess; Jury is the mother confessor and in a situation you have the mother confessor in your midst; she confesses all confessors.

However, it is a credit to the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra that two different Court on different horizons are hearing his matter at a go. While ECOWAS Court is operating on another level and caption; High Court is operating on a different caption but the good news there is that Federal Government is approaching the both Court with same tactics or demands. In ECOWAS Court, they have lost the battle and could not justify the legality of Nnamdi Kanu’s continued detention hence they decided to push for amendment of charges which was labeled ‘Opposition to rule of law’ the Community Court of Justice clearly told the DSS that the act of getting endless charges against one man is ‘Unacceptable in law’.

On the other hand, in the High Court presided over by Justice Nyako; the DSS also presented latest charges which it said was amendment; unlike the ECOWAS Court; the High Court accepted the charges to look it. If ECOWAS Court declined or stroke out the charges because they are lacking in merit or as termed ‘Unacceptable in law’. It becomes a very big question on the shoulders of Binta Nyako if she ever admits the charges or takes any decision by virtue of the charges. This matter is now on a weight balance that any bias will be clearly seen. This situation calls for carefulness on the side of Binta Nyako whose image and pedigree is at stake. The whole world is watching and Donald Trump is also watching; men of good will for humanity are watching.

If a Jury after assessment of a matter would unanimously term an action ‘Unacceptable’ it would be foolishness for any Judge to be presented with the same matter and after assessment accept it and thrive on it. This would only call the character of the Judge into question; two things will definitely be placed on the table. The Judge will be checked of corruption or checked of professional competence or mental state. The admission of the charges for assessment does not imply acceptance; it is expected of Binta Nyako that the case before her shall go the way of the ECOWAS court. ECOWAS Court will definitely confess High Court because two heads are better than one.

While it is clear that ECOWAS court would grant Nnamdi Kanu bail while he is being tried; there is no reason left to continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu in prison while terrorists and murderers are released in hundreds. If a peaceful and lawful activist who has founded all his actions on legal principles will be detained or imprisoned while thieves and others are left to go free; I wonder the perception Nigeria wants of her.

No matter how much charges are trumped up against Nnamdi Kanu; the question should be where are the evidences? It is clear that there is no evidence to buttress all the trumped up charges against him as they are concocted stories of people at large and stories of how things were imported and treason planned without time and place. There have been case between Nigerian Government and Biafra in Court and there, Biafrans have been responsive.

Nnamdi Kanu is ready for his trial as he is already angling for compensation for illegal detention and abuse of his fundamental rights. The issue of Flight risk has been frivolous reasoned as opposition to bail and I ask, why will a man angling for compensation and fighting his accusers run, he must be compensated and I wonder who would accept the price? The issue of threat to national security reason and I ask; a man that has endured all sorts of extreme provocation for the sake of peace, endured death for the sake of peace; how possibly is he a threat? That he would commit the same crime that brought him to the Court; then I ask, if peacefully and awfully asking for referendum through protest becomes crime, what will armed agitation be?

It is high time the High Court reflects on ECOWAS Court position and put this disgrace in the dustbin as it did; no amount of illegal imprisonment will make the world a better place and neither will it help Nigeria. Biafra is an ideology its time has come; it cannot be suppressed and neither can it be killed.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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