By Ibeh Gift Amarachi
November 23, 2016

Report reaching Family Writers desk has it that at exactly 8:30am today being the 23rd of November 2016, the Deputy State Coordinator of Imo State Mazi CHIJIOKE NNAH got arrested at their meeting venue tagged "BIAFRA STATE SECRETARIAT",at Owerri Imo State.

Mazi Chijioke Nnah the Imo State Deputy Coordinator, a vibrant Biafran Hardcore Veteran in his early 60's popularly known as “FATHER”, who gave out his building for IPOB meetings, was arrested, molested and taken to Imo State CID.

The World and good men of conscience should come to the rescue of Biafrans as they are being abducted, arrested, maimed and killed, just because they are exercising their inalienable right of Self-Determination as enshrined in UN Charter on the right of indigenous which same Nigeria is signatory to.

This indeed is a stain on the white cloth of justice, such intense violation of human right should be totally eradicated and put to a stop.

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