By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 15, 2016

I watched with desire as social media platforms deliberate and publicize Nnamdi Kanu’s one year of illegal detention; some tapped their like icon while some commented but the question is; do you really know what it means to spend 365 days in prison. This is not a case of merit or deserve, this is a case of selflessness and sacrifice. When Nnamdi Kanu found out he was born into a rich family and subsequently found himself in UK before realizing he just became a crown Prince, any thought of being thrown into prison without committing any offence was nowhere imagined. But today, he has just spent 365 days not because of what he has done or what his family has done, but for you, for me and for every single one of us.
Some were celebrating Nnamdi Kanu’s one year in detention and saw it as a thing he should do, while some celebrated it as a heroic act. I approached a group of people on a news paper stand, as I joined them to discuss their daily bread ‘Biafra’. I heard one man said; “You have been shouting and telling everybody that Nnamdi Kanu’s illegal detention has completed one year; you are celebrating it but you seem not to take this opportunity and ask yourself, what have I done for Biafra” I paused and concentrated on the man. His question took everybody by surprise; there was a sudden break, an inevitable change of topic.
The man the question went to offensively looked at him, I didn’t know what was going on in his mind; I could only decipher that the question was an unexpected challenge. While everybody waited for him to reply, I stood next to the man that asked the question, ready to repeat the question if it was overlooked. Nobody knew who I was, I was not ready to talk but getting the feelings of Biafrans has been my little secret. Then the answer came, a harsh one at that, he wanted to defend, he would always be a defender because Biafra is his responsibility.
I stayed at home and I support Biafra; that is what I have done for Biafra” he replied bullishly, prompting the desire to be humbled. “Then you have really done nothing for Biafra” the former humbly said. “I have won 21 souls for Biafra, I have been to all the protests and I have been faithful to Radio Biafra” I shouted beside the former and he turned to me. “He has done something for Biafra” he said and pointing at me, before he could finish. Another voice freely shouted “Tell us how he has done something”
The former looked up with sufficient freedom and said “What have you personally added is the question; I counted him because he has won 21 souls for Biafra. Protested and respected orders from Radio Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu follows decisions made by IPOB like us all but above all, he added 365 days of pain, lack, illness, horror, intimidation, torture and more than we have all done. There is one thing that makes his detention more painful; he has the chance to come out, chance to get richer and everything he wanted, but he turned everything and everybody down. It is like fasting while there is a well dished range of diets before you; can you imagine that? My own position is as we celebrate, let us also ask ourselves what we have done like Nnamdi Kanu did and is doing for us”
This concluded the discussion as it caused sudden silence before they started building again to enter into another topic, this time was ‘what if ECOWAS court release Nnamdi Kanu and Buhari refuses’. I was satisfied with the man and any other thing was for fun; I went home with the thought of the words of that former.
If we know what it means to choose death for us then there is need to show solidarity, be resolute, consistent and pursue the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra without looking back. Nnamdi Kanu’s one year in prison should be a challenge to every single one of us. While he has put his life on the line for us, it is the call of every single one of us to do same. Biafra has broken even and as it stands today, it is important to ask yourself, what I have done for Biafra? If you have done nothing, then it is time to do much more than you can do for Biafra.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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