My opinion essay on religion is generating a heat which I perceived as positive even though you may think otherwise. Nobody will restore Biafra if not God; and for this reason, what you think or where you stand is inconsequential. As long as 100 men can believe in Chukwu Okike Abiama; their faith will restore Biafra and through them we shall know Chukwu Okike Abaima is creation Himself. Because we believe that only Him can restore Biafra; we cannot do away with Him (religion). The only thing I will urge is, let us reason and cherish our search of truth. I will not stop speaking the truth because Christianity is affected; God is truth and truth I shall anchor.

I want to make sure I came to the end of the issue I stirred in this column; I had decided to write a religious piece and it would definitely give rise to another topic because to emancipate our people can never be a day job. I have not had a rest since Chinwe Korie published on Biafra Post my essay, captioned (JESUS) WHITE MAN’S ‘ODS OR THE GOD OF OUR FOREFATHERS. Read it My phone buzzing with irritating messages; though there seems to be a divide; 50% needed more facts and supported me while 45% were against me. Liberals pleaded that I should stop religious articles that Biafra should be first and when it is restored; I can write everything I want.

I refused to reply both pro and anti messages; I calmed down, knowing I will reply and add what I learnt from contributors on that very topic. Out of the whole comments I received; only one came out thoughtful. The comment that asked “If Christianity is an act of following Christ Jesus; tell me the church Jesus went to; tell me whom Jesus worshipped every time he goes into the Synagogue or temple”. This was the wisest comment I received and this comment shall form the basis of what I shall discuss under this topic.

What is Christianity in the first place? We have abused everything and failed God in everything, this happened to our first generation, idol worshipping! In spite of His numerous warning that we should never worship any other god; in spite of punishing our forefathers severely for worshipping idol, we could not learn from that and His entire warning fell on a stone. Christianity is an act of following Christ, why heed to what a white man told us when we can study or research and know the ways of Christ and follow him. If you truly follow the way of Christ, I won’t be on this topic. Christ goes into the Temple or Synagogue not church on Saturday (Sabbath) to worship God, but you go into a church on Sunday to worship Christ; what an opposing character! Many people will tell me that Church is a Temple. They will tell me that Temple of Solomon is equivalent to Redeem Church auditorium. I am momentarily tired of engaging black heads; let us leave it for another day. A white man told you not to worship God, he said you should worship Christ that God is three in one, that worshipping Christ is worshipping God and you believed him. You refused to ask him, but why did Christ worshipped God and never told us to worship him but instead told us to pray in the name of our father who art in heaven?

When it comes to religious articles; I always love to be explicit so that you won’t have any question and window to oppose. I always establish truth to the point you cannot do anything but question yourself and once you question yourself; you will finally term me anti-Christ for simply being truthful but because that truth is against what you were told and challenging the correctness or holiness of your belief, you shake your head and shout ‘God forbid’; how can Ifeanyi Chijioke tell me otherwise from what I was told since I was born. But seriously, I am not telling you anything, I am calling you to make use of your God given brain to reason; reasoning is natural and that is the ability to finding God.

You cannot find God with what you were told from the day you were born to this moment, you can only find God when you free yourself, ask questions and accept truth no matter how awkward it may be. What is the difference between you and that Muslim guy bombing hundreds of people? He is doing that because he was told from birth that 72 virgins are waiting for him if he fights for God and die. You are also worshipping idol because you were told that Jesus is God since you were born; I am here this moment to compel you to reason. If you want Muslims to stop bombing and killing, it is about reasoning and not about believing in what was told.

We seem to have a poor knowledge of God. Is God a history that you believe in what you were told? God is truth and truth that can stand any argument without shaking; and the only way to find truth is to reason and by reasoning with that tiny thing God put in you called brain; you can find Him. It is quite annoying that when I expected a man to reason; he quotes the book of Paul, and when I question him on Paul, he says I am anti-Christ. Does God forbid seeking truth? He just quoted someone believed to be a disciple of God, and when I quote another disciple of God; he tells me that disciple was not recorded in the New Testament because the Old Testament has passed away and everything became new: but forgetting that Malachi is also in the Old Testament where Pastors quote every Sunday to extort the gullible of their hard-earned money. If Old Testament has passed away, brethren, one would have reasoned: why do pastors still quote from Malachi.

They heavily came upon me, calling me names and all sorts of accusation leveled against me; but when I went in and prayed to Chukwu Okike Abiama; He only inspired me to do more instead of being withered. Since I knew God and worshipped only him; I have continued to see blessings upon blessings; in spite of being a volunteer journalist; I can feed and sufficiently meet all my needs. The reality remains that I don’t know how they happen; if this is a manner from heaven, I cannot really define what is going on in my life, I have been lacking before now when I used to worship ‘Jesus’ as Constantine directed me but when I turned to our father who art in heaven, everything changed till date. I have not come to share testimonies; I gave a clue of what is going on to tell that young man that said that his Jesus will destroy me for speaking truth that I am more blessed than Abraham our father.

I have digressed enough, if I begin to say my testimony, there won’t be space to contain my piece; had I continued in idolatry of the white man, I wonder what my life would have become. I will worship and praise Chukwu Okike Abiama who gave me Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. I have gone back to indigenous worship; just the way Abraham, Isaac, Elijah, Joshua, Moses, Jesus (Yahoshua) worshipped, so do I today worship God, courtesy of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who opened my eyes.

The biggest challenge of Christianity is truth; I will not desist from truth to please anyone, calm down and let us reason. I took my phone and decided to use Google and search the true name of Jesus and surprise surprise, his real name is Yahoshua; that is one lie they told you to suit their sun-god. I took my phone again to search the day meant for the worship of God; surprise surprise, it was on a Saturday and not on a Sunday. I decided to read done and know how it was changed to Sunday. I categorically saw the so-called first Christian Emperor of Rome, Constantine, he made a legal decree that Sunday shall be the day of worship against Saturday God commanded.

Detailing why Constantine succeeded; as at that time Israel killed ‘Jesus’, Rome rebelled against Israel that they killed God; funny enough how man can kill God and the world believed them. That was how the true worship of God was hijacked; they changed the name Yahoshua to that of their god called ‘IESUS’ and also changed the day God is worshipped to the day their sun god is worshiped and that was how the whole world turned to idol worshipping because they were world power, then. Israel fought back but was relegated to the state of inconsequentiality; seen as people that killed God; that lie enough was able to win the world for the devil. But I tell you with every certainty, Babylon will fall and creation Himself alone shall be worshiped again by His children and the entire world. With Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, this is a time of emancipation; this is a defining moment for the children of Israel to take back everything they had lost to the Roman Empire.

For the purpose of keeping the record straight, I am not against Christianity, I am only against deceit. If Christianity is an act of being like Christ (Yahoshua), then why not be like Christ (Yahoshua), follow his footsteps and forbid idol worshipping white man brought to us. Before you forget, Jesus (Yahoshua) is in the category of Moses, Elijah and all the prophets sent by God. Jesus (Yahoshua) is my forefather just like David, Solomon and Isaac; I honour Jesus (Yahoshua) just as I honour Moses, Abraham, Joshua etc. I cannot rightly worship him because he was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit or resurrected by God; that would amount to idol worshiping. Do I need to worship Elijah because he tasted not death nor worship Moses because he divided the red sea and brought commandment of God. If I do that, Jesus (Yahoshua) or Moses or Elijah would be weeping that I have been misled by what God used him to achieve.

Looking at the life of Jesus (Yahoshua) are Christians following his footsteps? That is the embodiment of this essay. Now, it is imperative to deliberate on this to lay bare your shortcomings and get rid of the deceit since the days of Constantine the founder of Christianity. We can trace the life of Jesus (Yahoshua) with various accounts that were never opposed. Did Jesus (Yahoshua) attended any Church or worshipped on Sunday? Did he called himself God or told us that God sent him, just as Moses was sent? Each time he goes into the temple or synagogue to pray, who does he pray to and in whose name? I am convinced you must have known the answers to this question so let us progress.

If Christianity is really the act of following the footsteps of Jesus (Yahoshua), I want you to check yourself if you are following the footsteps of Him. Jesus (Yahoshua) worshipped God - our father who art in heaven; the God of our forefathers; why today turn around to worship Jesus (Yahoshua) and abandoning the God he worshipped. By worshipping Jesus (Yahoshua) are you following his footsteps or abusing him and making an idol out of Him? Won’t he be weeping anywhere he is that you have misunderstood him and left his God to worshipping what he doesn’t know? He enters the temple and synagogue to worship God or pray; he even prayed to God if his cup could pass over him. And he taught us to worship our father who art in heaven; what else do you want him to do to show you he is not God, that what you call Jesus and worship is idol and he doesn’t know about that?

Jesus (Yahoshua) goes about his mission and only go into the temple on Sabbath being Saturday to worship God, our father who art in heaven. What are you doing in the church on every Sunday morning, being confused by one Yoruba man or business idol worshiper? That Sunday you go to worship, did Jesus (Yahoshua) worship on Sunday? You go into the church and bow to Jesus (Yahoshua) on Sunday while Jesus (Yahoshua) goes into the temple and bow to God, our father, my question is, are you really being Christ-like?

Finally, I am not against your religion but the truth is Christianity is not a religion but simply being Christ-like and I urge you to start being like Jesus (Yahoshua). Start doing everything he did and learn to reason. Stop looking at that picture you cry to or that sculpture you bow to; God cannot be seen or sculptured. God is a spirit and Jesus (Yahoshua) told you he is not God and cannot be God; listen to him and follow his footsteps and that way Babylon will fall and children of God will take back the world where God will rule through them.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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