Justice Tsoho - Buhari's stooge
Justice John Tsoho was the trial Judge that took over Nnamdi Kanu’s case after Justice Ademola resigned as a result of disrespect to his order mandating the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu. Recently, the trial Judge withdrew from the case on accusation of bias and according to him; he resigned due to the petition before the NJC. In his resignation speech; he noted that he would not preside over the case even though he is cleared of corruption by the NJC. Up till date, he has not been cleared and the matter has not been raised on the bench.

There is information from reliable sources that there is war going on in NJC; the high Judges are not happy with the arrest some judges and intimidation of the Judiciary. There is a feeling that the people targeted are the neutral people that want the integrity of the arm preserved. The action of the presidency has prompted a mild agitation for those considered the ‘Executive stooge’ to come to book. According to the sources; the move is to fight back and see if the executive will desist from unlawful arrest of the Judges. The sources disclosed that the major recipient of their action is Justice John Tsoho whose petition is fresh and wide but the executive is tremendously shielding him.

Justice John Tsoho was caught in the middle of exuding corruption; he exhibited corrupt legal practices in discharge of his duty on Nnamdi Kanu’s case. When his corrupt practices were spotted by the legal team of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra; he was asked to resign as the trial Judge on that note but he refused. In spite of vote of no confidence passed on him, Justice John Tsoho insisted that he would continue as a trial Judge. This passed a signal that he is on a mission to execute the mind of Buhari who had made prejudicial statements in his median media chat which Tsoho has followed sheepishly.

Among his flaws were the reasons upon which bail was denied; which was in tune with what Buhari said that he would not release Nnamdi Kanu. It is known and very clear that the offence Nnamdi Kanu was accused of is a bail-able one. But Justice John Tsoho upon his reasons for denial of bail cited flight risk when seizure of passports can be substituted for that reason. He went further to say that the litigant would commit the same crime that brought him to the court notwithstanding the fact that the litigant pleaded not guilty of any crime. Tsoho again ruled that there won’t be secret trial only to come the next day and overrule the same court without appellate court. There was denial of fair hearing among many things that defined the corruption exhibited by him.

Before Justice John Tsoho resigned from the case, it was too late; his name has been destroyed, Nigerian Judiciary disgraced and legal profession in Nigeria made a cheap thing. The petition against him before the NJC is surplus and abundant in facts and having assessed it; he resigned knowing that his continuation would be disastrous to him. There is international awareness and there was no way he can stand the pressure.

Recently, the executive arm of Nigerian government started a clamp down on the Nigerian Judges. Arresting and detaining some Judges they accused of corrupt practices; in an effort to fight back, the victimized Judges have been opening can of worms. From every indication; the Judges being arrested are Judges that have given judgments against the DSS and the executive. The fight back is now causing issues in the NJC; the sources that spoke to this reporter (Ifeanyi Chijioke) made it clear that the executive stooges are the cause of the problem.

A source said “They are witch hunting the bench and they are doing it against those that have the interest of the bench at heart. The whole Judges being arrested and detained have in one way or another not favoured the DSS, EFCC or the presidency and now they want to pay back. The public can go and research on their own; they are trying to cow the Judiciary; instill fear in us and whip us around. They are going to fail, because this will be a war, and we shall come out victorious” the source stated

Another source who was visibly angry said “They are after the bench and we shall go after their stooge on the bench. We have loads of petition against their stooges but they have been shielding them; they are making threats and telling NJC that they are ready for the war. How can they fight corruption with corruption; where is that possible? They are making this country more corrupt in the name of fighting corruption. They are after those that presided over the case of Nnamdi Kanu and Dasuki; because they gave ruling accordingly without favouring them. What about those that visibly presided corruptly and gave them judgment, so corruption that favours them is not corruption? “ He continued.

“Now, any move to take action against their stooge; they step in and say if you dare, we shall step on toes. Is there no constitution again in this country? The public might not be aware of what is happening; once the Judiciary is finally taken, this country will collapse like a pack of card. Nobody will be safe again and this is why we must persevere and fight to save our country. There is a very big problem here because they are trying to dictate to the NJC and the entire arm”

The stooge in question is Justice John Tsoho; recall that Justice John Tsoho replicated everything the President said in his maiden media chat and known to be the one doing the dirty jobs for the presidency. While this is the case, it is yet to be known if NJC will persist and hear the petition against Tsoho and take action against what is termed corrupt legal practices. There is disbelief that NJC will hear the matter unless pressure is mounted from relevant bodies, according to another source that played advisory role.

“I have advised the NJC to look into the petition against Justice John Tsoho and take appropriate measure because the matter is very much visible. There is media awareness and there is sympathy for the litigant Tosho presided on. This will save the image of the Nigerian Judiciary because this is a Judiciary seen as not independent and Tsoho’s petition can make a difference. Tsoho is vital to redeeming the image of the Judiciary because he is seen as the executive tool; and there is no way you can change or deny that because it is looking at us. If pressure is mounted from relevant NGOs and institutions; it will help to push NJC against the wish of the presidency”.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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