By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 15, 2016

In a civilized world where the Judiciary as an arm of a government is independent and healthy; they would have started a protest to save the Judiciary of their country. In Nigeria, not only is this arm of government under control, they are under subjugation and slavery. Forced to do whatsoever they were asked to do and lacking the meaning of freedom. A common man in Nigeria is a subject of worthlessness; whilst power is everything needed to disrespect and respect the constitution of the land; Nigeria is in one almighty mess. It took the interference of ECOWAS court to interpret on behalf of Nigerian Judiciary to Buhari that Dasuki’s detention is unlawful; this is the extent of the decay I am here to unfold. Dasuki is a victim of retaliation, when Buhari’s government was overthrown in the military era; it was Dasuki who arrested and maltreated him, and yet a major factor in the coup. Buhari came back into power in this democratic dispensation and found it as an opportunity to pay back; Dasuki is paying back indeed and Nigerian Court cannot do anything because Emperor Buhari is taking his own pound of flesh.
When Justice Ademola gave an order for Nnamdi Kanu to be released unconditionally; Buhari’s maiden media chat was close, and before the whole world, he told us that he ‘Buhari’ will not release Nnamdi Kanu notwithstanding the standing order of the Court. The world was speechless and waited for the reaction of the Judiciary as an independent arm; but to no avail as the wait was in futile. The Nigerian Judicial Council sealed its lips which subsequently forced Justice Ademola’s resignation when he had the slightest opportunity. That became the case and reassignment was done; without addressing contempt, the Judiciary continued with the reassignment of the case that brought in the worst of the Justices that had ever been appointed in history of man.
Justice John Tsoho recently resigned from Kanu’s case after disgracing Nigerian Judiciary, I am at crossed roads as to whom to blame? Should I blame the bench and the bar or should I blame the law school that produced such a thoughtless lawyer in Justice John Tsoho? Should I blame inexperience or should I blame pressure? How on earth could a Judge make a ruling that there would be no secret trial today and come back tomorrow to overrule himself and declare secret trial? How on earth could a Judge put on someone that pleaded not guilty that if he is given bail, he will commit the same crime that brought him to the Court in the first place? And due to the executive clench that did not allow dispensation of justice, and Nnamdi Kanu that relentless fought such corruption; Justice John Tsoho resigned.
It is now clear that Nigerian Judiciary cannot adjudicate the case because of the interest of the executive; hence Buhari opposes justice in the matter and Nnamdi Kanu hell bent to see justice; there is a crash of interest making Nigerian Judiciary unable to function lawfully. In an effort to please or dance to the tune of the government who had disrespected court orders the Judiciary has been made miserable. The matter to be reassigned is simply the continuation of the mockery or rather the symptoms of the miserable state of the Nigerian Judiciary.
Having disrespected orders of two competent Court of jurisdiction, having said in his maiden media chat, having said that if Nnamdi Kanu renounces Biafra that he would release him and having made it clear that no Court would dare release Nnamdi Kanu; the reassignment of Nnamdi Kanu’s case becomes nothing but a waste of time and mockery of Nigerian Judiciary. Have they lost the will or bravery to demand sanctity; the bravery to compel Buhari to obey standing court orders and the power of their independence? Can’t they tell Buhari that this case cannot be reassigned if you won’t let us lawfully adjudicate or continue with your interference? When will they stand and defend their arm and show that cowards don’t make decisions or take charge of sacred institution?
Nigerian Judiciary is miserable and that is why they are being toyed with from one end to another; whilst Justice John Tsoho seems to have dragged it to a complete state of oblivion; the reassignment of Kanu’s case will indicate total acceptance of the miserable state the Judiciary has found itself. If there will be any hope of resurrection; then the Judiciary has to pause and think, compel Buhari to obey court orders or warn him to stop interferences. Self-determination cannot be crime and neither can one man commit treasonable felony. Peaceful activist is a lawful activist and for this, there is no reason to continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu who has amassed the power of the UN 2007 declaration on the rights of Indigenous People as domesticated by Nigeria and standing as domestic constitution to fight for his right.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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