Buhari & Shekau - same person in different faces

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
27 October, 2016

First let's keep the record straight from all views that the dilapidated state of Nigeria the zoo unity of today got staled under tyrant Buhari's watch of repeating the killings of Biafrans unabated in this dispensation years past that Biafrans are nursing their first hell of a war that Gowon brought on their land.

I am dismayed in my heart that the current analysis carried out By the United Nations under tyrant Buhari indicates that Nigeria is much divided more than any President in the history of Nigeria, that the so called Nigeria is divided against itself on various challenges ranging from insurgency, herders rascality, militancy, poverty, religious intolerance and agitation for a sovereign nation out the British amalgamation. I am still left with goose pimples that after these observations and inference on Nigeria the United Nations has chosen to remain inactive and dormant in this ugly trend taking shape in Nigeria under dictator Buhari. The world should desist from their absolute dumbness on the issues of Biafra and Nigeria in a tyrannical rule, Buhari made the Biafrans inconsequential when he referred them as 5% and denied them every means of livelihood which gave rise to demand for self determination by IPOB to preserve their people from further depopulation after Gowon killed them enmass between 1966-70.

IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu, choose the peace path rather than war by invoking into live and action the UN charter on the right of the Indigenous People to self-determination, instead tyrant Buhari to allow the 5% inconsequentials to decide their fate outside the Nigeria union has resorted to illegal arms deal with the Pakistani authority to finish Biafrans out of existence in the present of the whole world.

It is quite disheartening that the league of Nations which later transformed to be UN with the key aim of preserving humanity with peace restored to the people whose lives and existence is under threat has derailed from their call of duty.
It is on record that tyrant Buhari had sourced for weapons and other military hardwares in the US which the good conscientious people in the US warned their government to desist and refrain from selling arms to Buhari which his purposeful aim is to exterminate the Biafrans out of race and existence.

Buhari being a religious bigot without hesitations perceived that US being a Christian country has denied him access to kill Christians in Biafra has sojourned to Pakistan to accomplish his mindset of killing Biafrans regarded as infidels by his religious faith. The hapless Buhari who failed in his bid to manipulate the judiciary on Kanu's court case by releasing him unconditionally together with Biafra has sworn to eliminate Biafrans in any guise made handy to him.

A reliable source from Buhari's government relayed this information on ground to IPOB media crews over this shady arms deal between Buhari and Pakistan with the sole aim of stopping Biafra from coming. Why has Buhari chosen the part of war rather than peace by applying the UN code of conduct which Nigeria that he sees over her affairs is a legal member to, on what temerity has Buhari to use tax payers money to buy arms just to create war and why is the UN shying away from their legal obligations of enforcing referendum on Nigeria govt under a dictator or is the United Nations no longer functional to play her role of making sure that human lives and properties are preserved at all time and at all cost.

In Buhari's bewilderment self determination is a crime or a curse and if such is a crime or a curse why has the UN not repeal the law on self determination than allowing a second genocide to commence in Biafra hence Buhari has engaged in illicit arms deal with the Pakistani authority to finish Biafrans left.

EU, UN, AU AI, and other numerous human right organizations must stop Buhari and prevail on him from sourcing for arms to kill a people asking for their freedom in a more conceivable and conducive approach by freeing Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra rather than using his military might to always kill a people. Any uprising from this illegal arms deal to become a reality, nobody should blame IPOB for taking up arms to engage the Nigeria government in a war field to preserve their existence since it has become obvious that Biafrans are endangered species with this Buhari/Pakistan illegal arms deal.

Obama call Buhari to order, let him see caution as Somalia will be better than Nigeria if in reality that Pakistan finally supply these illegal arms to the Nigeria govt under tyrant Buhari for the purpose of killing IPOB and Niger Delta Freedom Fighters.

Let the world prevail on Buhari to uphold the UN charter on self determination before this unnecessary killings will turn into a full fledge war. On self determination IPOB anchor their hope and on it shall justice prevail as we stand against Pakistani illegal arms deal with dictator Buhari.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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