By Ifechineke Akpu
October 07, 2016

In my previous article, I stated my pride for C.C.J of ECOWAS. This is because I believed justice will prevail with CCJ of ECOWAS; now I can say with confidence that I am right with my believe after reading the news concerning Sambo Dasuki's court case, which was one of the reasons the legal team of the Nigerian government filed for adjournment of Nnamdi Kanu's suit at ECOWAS court.

The Nigerian DSS have on several occasions, disobeyed court orders over the release of Nnamdi Kanu and Sambo Dasuki. This is because the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is a dictator, he rules by might and obeys only court orders that favour him. This is an affront to democracy, it is an act of dictatorship and tyranny.

It’s disheartening that in Nigeria justice is questioned, there is no atom of respect to the rule of law. It is an irony that a government that came into power through the rule of law and democracy is now the one turning the constitution of the country upside down- what a mess!

I was reading news on Internet yesterday when I came across the reply of the Nigerian government to court injunction of ECOWAS court, justifying their reasons for not obeying the court order. According to them, they are still studying the content of the injunction before they can be able to executing it.

Mazi Nnamdi  Kanu's case suffered another adjournment  due to the flimsy excuse given by the Nigerian government;  but  the truth remains the federal government are applying another tactics to abort or delay justice. They had already threatened ECOWAS court to hands off the case. Telling the court that the reason for their absence is because they have a case in Kaduna is not only laughable, it is a very shameful excuse.

It should be noted that the Nigerian government have never missed previous court sittings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but suddenly they did that at ECOWAS court.  This is simply because they know and are afraid of the fact that there is no manipulation of justice at ECOWAS court

I restate my stand that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should be released unconditionally just as previous court rulings have ordered.

Free Nnamdi Kanu
Free Biafra.



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