By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 03, 2016

Because this seems to be a period of lecture, I will not let it pass me by, Nigeria must learn from heads that are superior. I went through a Press Statement by the Indigenous People of Biafra; Buhari was not only lectured on referendum, I was also lectured sufficiently. This is very much an indication that learned heads are here and this is why IPOB always win. I got addicted to Radio Biafra in 2015, not necessarily to know what is going on but to learn. Nnamdi Kanu made Radio Biafra a citadel of knowledge and a day I did not listen, I felt like I have lost a great opportunity to add more to my life.
Radio Biafra is known for opening sealed brain and this is why two judges have resigned from Kanu’s case; you can’t beat a man more intelligent than you. When it comes to lecture, Radio Biafra takes the lead; Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have done so much that nothing can be compared to them when it comes to Biafra restoration project. We are currently talking about fighting for Biafra with the head and not with bullets and sticks. Buhari and Nigerian government can go on arresting Biafrans, killing and illegally detaining Nnamdi Kanu; those are what they can do because there are no learned heads to tackle questions. As Biafra question is militarily approached, so is pipeline destruction, dissent voices and any kind of question; the military always answer all their questions but in Biafra question, they have failed woefully.
Recently, Buhari and some top Nigerians continued to say that Biafra cannot come; some said they would not allow Biafra while some said they would go to war to stop Biafra. These people are either government appointed or elected officers. Some are pro-government voices but one thing that never leaves the box is those saying one thing or another are government beneficiaries. On the other hand, I presume that they are saying this because they know the kind of education they gave Nigerians and hopefully, Nigerians will take anything they say and soldier on with them.
Unfortunately, Radio Biafra is here to help and clarify and rectify, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB will keep fighting lies and corruption anywhere they are seen and I believe there is a war staged now against deceit that Nigeria or Nigerians can do anything against Biafra restoration. Understandably, Buhari can say, I don’t want to hold back any longer; these people can go and the world authorities will directly step in, that is the only thing he can do. On the aspect of saying he won’t give Biafra referendum, before Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB started agitation for Biafra; nobody expected him to give and if he gives referendum; Biafrans will not take because it is illegitimate referendum. It is not in Buhari’s power or any Nigerian’s power to decide emergence of any sovereign State. Please can someone tell Buhari and the Presidency to take seat and watch things unfold, they are all spectators and can never referee or have effect unless compromise for direct other than diplomatic involvement of the world authorities responsible for referendum or sovereign State emergence.
It is crucial to note that in the early days, emergence of a sovereign State is always anchored on military strength and rarely on cordial agreement. There was no law whatsoever responsible for the emergence of sovereign State but when all powerful UN had her 2007 convention; a law was made for Indigenous People and that is where the power to have a sovereign State emanated or lies. Emergence of sovereign State is beyond any individual, that you are Mr President or Mr Minister or Senator is inconsequential to emergence of a sovereign State. In other words, Biafra restoration absolutely has nothing to do with Buhari or anybody in Nigeria. Biafra restoration is a date with the people of Biafra; consistency, direct action and seriousness are everything needed for Biafra to be restored.
Meanwhile, Buhari can play hoax that he has a say or is consequential to Biafra restoration but that is for the children he gave poor education that cannot do anything but take what comes out of his loud and empty mouth. He can as well say one thing or another to place himself on a hoax position of importance to give Nigerians hope or claim being on top of the matter. The reality you must embrace is Buhari is not close and non-existing when it comes to restoration of Biafra. It is consciously out of his reach to sanction referendum; he can only compromise for the relevant world authority to do so.
Let me take advantage of this to illustrate, do you know that Buhari cannot even declare Arewa Nation right now, how much more referendum for Biafra? He might rightly announce Arewa Nation but when UN or EU says we don’t know what is Arewa Nation, do you think Arewa Nation will exist? You had better wake up from your bed; you have to fight, protest, demand with vigour and seriousness; convince the world you need your Nation and they would recognize your Nation. Referendum is only an act of impartiality and test; it is an act of confirming the position of the people before recognition. UN and EU have recognized you and what Biafra needs is consistency and everything will be done.
Nigeria is as useless as any other thing when it comes to emergence of a sovereign State; just imagine a country that cannot boast of a military that can arrest Boko Haram, stand Militants in Biafra land telling UN or EU that they won’t allow Biafra go? It is funny and really myopic to think Nigeria or any Nigerian has a say in Biafra restoration. These people can go on telling one fallacy or another, but one thing every Biafran must know is Biafra is in ‘your’ hand. Only you can decide if referendum comes or not, only you can decide if Biafra is restored or not. 
Finally, you sat at home on 23rd of September, a move that shook the world, they have taken notice that you are serious about what you want. As you peacefully joined Biafra worldwide protest and demanded the release of Nnamdi Kanu, you are restoring Biafra. Hence you continue to resolutely do everything you were asked to do by IPOB under Radio Biafra; there is no way Biafra will not come. Keep the flame burning and consistently go on with actions demanded of you; you will restore Biafra and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Nigeria or Nigerians have nothing to contribute, you hold the key. Did you know that on 23rd you sat at home, the world said ‘We cannot continue to ignore Biafra’, more and more actions, Biafra will be restored!

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters



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