Biafrans demand their country back

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
26 October, 2016

Just recently, kidnapping of Biafrans got to its climax and the entire land under siege, the people of Biafra today live in abundant fear. The sense that they don’t belong to Nigeria has been instilled in them; their rights not guaranteed and neither can any court justify it. This has only given Biafra restoration the needed momentum; kidnapping and executing them like ISIS is the motivation that brought the agitation to this point of certainty. The people of Biafra see themselves as people that have to fight for their lives and had interpreted that Nigeria cannot guarantee the protection of their rights hence Biafra is seen as the only solution to protection of lives and rights.

The renewed kidnapping of Biafrans is now sensitive; unlike kidnapping of members of IPOB in their family meetings and on the streets; known officers of IPOB are targeted and kidnapped indefinitely. According to the information at disposal of Biafra Post; the kidnapping is well funded and secret Agents that have disguised as members of IPOB are helping Nigerian force. “These people have asked questions and known people within the fold; people they considered as important people” the report said. “They will kidnap and kill, the project is about destroying lives and destroying the fold; it is unfortunate, at this stage, sympathy is inevitable” it affirmed.

IPOB have grown to the extent that people can no longer be screened; the entire people of Biafra have accepted IPOB and that has played into the hands of the enemy. “Buhari illegally budgeted 3.1 billion Dollars; they paid these agents sufficiently and the agents get identity of important persons in IPOB. These people they arrest are believed to be doing one important thing or another, with hope that their absence will affect fluent flow of Biafra activities or Radio Biafra as the case maybe”  the report further noted that victims of the kidnap are properly monitored with the help of the agents.

The dossier pointed out that the illegal budget was primarily to be used for the destabilization of IPOB hence Buhari sees IPOB as his number one problem in Nigeria. He believes that the polity has been heated to the extent keeping quiet or taking IPOB for granted will be disastrous to Nigeria. He has tried in the past to neutralize Radio Biafra but failed woefully and the report did not rule out that their target could be Radio Biafra. “From what I know; Radio Biafra seems to be the primary target; Radio Biafra could not be neutralized technologically and people suspected to know something about the Radio are on the top of the list” the report confirmed.

Giving details of how the money was used, the report noted that while some went to Lobbyist and some went to leaders in Biafra, others went to Agents.  In 1967, sabotage and lobbying played crucial role in the last Biafra war; while lobbyist focused on international stage; making sure Nigeria prevails against Biafra, lying to the best of their strength and making sure that the voice of Biafrans are not heard or taken serious. The issue of Biafra on the international stage was only when pictures of kwashiorkor stricken children in Biafra surfaced. Saboteurs played their deadly role which helped Nigeria to gain upper hand during the war. The report stated thus.

Few leaders and Elites from Old Eastern Region came; they are divided over Biafra; a high percentage of Leaders and Elites support Biafra strongly and avoided anything that would make them come against their people. But some saw the call to fight Biafra as a business, some as a way to establish relationship with the government of the day and for wealth and power; the report claimed. “They came for the money, they were paid from the 3.1 billion Dollars; they were pleaded to help keep Nigeria one and they bought the idea. These people are the ones that planted Agents; they allow arrest of IPOB in their communities to put fear in others and make sure IPOB does not exist in their communities as a sign that they are using the money given to them. You people must be very careful with these Leaders and Elites; they are beginning to make their movements classified” the report wrote.

According to the report, the lobbyists are already on their job, they are making head way in every part of the world. They have their script which is destroy the image of Biafra and solicit for weapons to combat them. It clearly stated that there is no country left out in this, any place they can get weapon; they are ready to do anything for the country. “They go there and they tell the country that they want to combat Militants and Boko Haram. They lobby for weapons and put oil supply on the desk, anything goes for them because they are extremists. They are getting ready for the worst because they are ready to oppose any voice calling for referendum” the report noted.

The report also disclosed that contracts have been established between the Federal Government and some political leaders in Old Eastern Nigeria, stating that these contractors are popular politicians who agreed with Buhari in a meeting to assist him hold ‘collapsing Nigeria’. It stated that the contractors did urge Buhari to try other measures to calm nerves as they execute their contracts. “The contractors have held series of meetings with representatives of the President; they have been paid and contracted to help fight IPOB. Nobody knows their identity because too many politicians from Old Eastern Region have been holding meetings with Representatives of Buhari. The meeting so far is nothing short of the war against IPOB” the report said without giving the nature or how the war is to be executed by the contractors.

Recently, the Indigenous People of Biafra have accused some Elites in Biafra land of conspiracy, they were accused of conspiring with the FG to arrest and kill members of IPOB. Speaking on the conspiracy; a sympathizer said “Their Elites use the agitation by the people to lobby for one thing or another; some promise that they would stop the agitation if given this appointment or this amount of money and they only end up arresting and killing their people which will only worsen the whole thing. It is quite disheartening that they have no conscience; you see them every day in Aso Rock, looking for one contract or another; to them, there is a business to make out of the agitation.

MASSOB also claimed that they have found out the saboteurs of Biafra quest and would carry out a traditional revolution against them. They have not mentioned any name or disclosed the target of the revolution but one thing that is clear is; the people are already aware of what is happening and it is expected soon that names will be released. Gilbert Nnaji is being fingered with his counterpart in Enugu, as his colleague’s number was circulated to be question on why he chose the part of sabotage. The world is still in suspense as to the action that would be taken against these culprits.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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