According to a phone call which IPOB promised to make public soon, vanguard news paper apologized to the Biafran Group and attributed the report about breakaway IPOB member as a promotional strategy. 

The caller who is believed to be from top management of Vanguard regretted their actions and expressed their frustration as regards lack of buyers, and fall in companies reputation since IPOB's campaign against them. He went further to lament that the number of viewers on their website had taken a geometric dive. 

The caller who pleaded anonymity was later investigated by IPOB leadership and found out to have phoned from vanguard HEAEDQUARTERS in Lagos.

He pleaded with IPOB to holt her media warfare against vanguard as it will trigger doom for them. He also said they now acknowledge their actions were tantamount to economic suicide. And if IPOB sustains her present media war, vanguard will have no place in social media and in journalism within the next two months which will lead to loss of jobs.  

The caller gave an example which can be seen vividly, saying that their page on facebook used to have more than 4.6m page likes, but have reduced to 2.3m which shows that the damage IPOB is causing them is devastating. 

He also said that just like other media establishments, they report news on the order of Buhari. "The articles are published the way Buhari’s agent brought it without changes. There are consequences incase of any alteration. We choose micro topics to report still we get criticism and strong warning messages from Buhari's agents", he added. 

In conclusion, he apologized to IPOB on behalf of vanguard. "We urge IPOB to please bear with us and have in mind that what we report is not from our reporters. We don’t wish to report them, but the order is from above".

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