By Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yehuda 

Aah eeh mu na nwannem je re agha
Akpiri ego Ifeajuna ree nwanne
Aah eeh mu na nwanne je re agha
Nwanne a puta na uzo ree nwanne!
Do you remember this song?
Biafra restoration is sacrosanct and never to be taken lightly or betrayed by any Biafran or any element of division under any guise whatsoever.
I know many elites and pastors who only come to my inbox to show tacit support but can not do so openly on their own wall because they are afraid of what their friends from the other side of the line - other tribes- will think of them.
So many pastors think they will lose their members especially their circle of friends and their heavy sponsors. What a shame!
So I sit wondering what this class of people will say after Biafra is restored right before their own eyes. I see this men and women as those who are at ease and love the status quo they are presently benefiting and prospering from and would want it to continue so. These are men who love their own lives and the praise of men not minding the bondage of their future generations.
Let us be crystal clear on this matter. With or without you the determination shall be done. With or without you Biafra shall be restored and you shall not be able to reverse the hand of time to wish you had stood on the side of the LORD when it matters most.
Soon when you are cast out in the cities of your sojourn where shall you look to return? O ga eme gi vum n'anya!
Blessed are those who hear the joyful sound!
Now patiently read this and understand!
Psalms 89:15‭-‬52 KJV
Biafra has been redeemed!
Do not go against the flow and tide of Biafra or you shall be swept away. All the politicians and elites of Biafran stock beware!
The handwriting is already on the wall. The decree has gone forth and shall not return void.
A fire is kindled in Nigeria and it shall burn in the mud house and in the palace of gold!
When the night falls surely every stubborn child must find the way home to his father's house whether it be of clay or gold!
Therefore all you politicians and elites of Biafran stock, save yourselves and your generations by falling behind the command and leadership of Nnamdi Kanu whether he is acceptable to you or not! The Niger Delta Avengers and all others have all fallen behind him clearly.
Every dick, tom and harry, all our goats, cattle and chicken and all beasts and men of Biafran stock with one voice shall say without any equivocation or fear "Biafra, Biafra, Biafra"!!!
Read Psalm 2:10 - 12
Ekwu cha na m!
May God bless #Biafra and all those who love her forever!
Under Solemn Oath
Shi ya nje!
DrPatrice Yehuda



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