Wraps of  drugs swallowed by one of the suspects

The Kwara 2016 Amirul Hajj, Justice ldrees Haroon, on Saturday, said three Muslim pilgrims, who were flown from Ilorin International Airport in Kwara State and later arrested in Saudi Arabia on alleged drug-related offences, had not been beheaded.

The arrested pilgrims were among the first batch of 505 Muslim pilgrims transported from the state.

Haroon, who spoke to SUNDAY PUNCH from Makkah, Saudi Arabia, described the claim that the offenders had been executed as untrue, baseless and unfounded.

He said the matter was an international issue, which was still being handled by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

He added that the remaining pilgrims from the state were in “good condition” in Makkah.

Haroon said, “Issues of the arrested pilgrims are international matters which are being handled by the Saudi authorities. It is not true that they have been executed.”

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