Veteran Nollywood director and producer, Mahmood Ali Balogun has joined the team working on the war epic, titled ‘Biafra: A Forgotten Place.’

Balogun who would be working on the epic as a production consultant produced the popular  film  “Tango With Me” which starred Genevieve Nnaji.

Mr. Balogun said the project would source and promote the country’s talents  on the global scene.

Nigerian filmmaker in the Diaspora and producer of ‘Biafra: A Forgotten Place,’ Odera Ozoka said he watched ‘Tango with me’ on the plane a few years ago and had long admired Balogun’s work and would be collaborating with him on several other projects.

Ozoka, whose film, ‘Soul Diaspora,’ won the African Movie Academy award for Best Film by an African filmmaker in the Diaspora, also worked on the popular film ‘Ije’.

Also the duo recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the project with the National Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC).

Director General, NTDC, Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, commended the Nigerian-American filmmaker, saying he was using cinema not just to tell stories but also as a tourism key to showcase Nigeria.

She said the NTDC was committed to the growth of tourism in the county, and welcomes any initiative that would promote that.

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