By Darlington Mmaduneme 
September 10th, 2016

From now, every Niger-Delta should love the IGBOS. How can you claim that you are a Niger-Deltan, and you proudly hate your fellow Niger-Delta man because he is an Igbo man? What type of communal relationship is that? 

I am an Igbo man from River State also a Niger-Delta, and if you hate me, you are not worthy to be a Niger Deltan. 

As long as Ikwere people still speak Igbo, they are Igbos. Other towns in Port-Harcourt that bear the name “Rumu” are all Igbos because they have Igbo blood flowing in their body, and you can not flush out the Igbo blood in them no matter what declarations the Nigerian politics have selfishly made for their economic gain. 

That is how Nigerian politics changed our indigenous name to Niger-Delta, up till now nobody knows our indigenous name and our history, they changed all the towns in P.H that bear the name “Umu” which is Igbo word to “Rumu” and we accepted. The word “Umu” is an Igbo name- meaning Children of…, e.g Umu-Okoro- Children of Okoro. Is Umu or Okoro an Ijaw name or Itchekiri name? But it is an Igbo name, yet they said we are not Igbos. 

They said we are no longer Igbos yet many of us speak and bear Igbo names, we still maintain our Igbo tradition and cultural heritage, what type of hypocrisy is that one? 

The Ibibios are even Igbos(Igbo Nta-meaning small Igbo), even when they don’t speak Igbo(Trace back to the history), talkless of Ikwere people that naturally rattle Ikwere and Igbo altogether more than other Igbos. 

The Igbos are Shit but we the Niger-Delta can not do without them bcos they are everywhere in River State, Delta state, Bayelsa State, Igbanke in Edo state. 50% of Igbos made up the Niger Delta, and we can’t chase them away neither can we kill all of them. 

Is better we LOVE the IGBOS today otherwise Niger Delta will be another thing else in terms of hatred to each other. Now there are lots of killings in Ahoda, Cultists at Omoku due to power struggle when we have not yet achieved anything. 

The MEND have collected money from Fed. Govt waka comot, Asari Dakubo is now speaking with both sides of his mouth in favour of Biafra and tomorrow nah Tompolo will follow his gesture to shout “All Hail Biafra” and we are busy here hating the Igbos. 

My brothers and my sister abeg una, let’s love ourselves and remember that our forefathers lived together with the Igbos, they all imbibed in the same and similar cultural heritage in love before the Oyibo people came and spoiled our show. The Hausa man(Gowon) came and sowed seeds of hatred among us. 

Instead of us to be dealing with the Hausa who are still killing our people today, we are here hating the Igbos that did not hate us, as if the Hausa people use Juju to charm us. 

If we continue with all these hatreds, our name will be SORRY because we will not achieve anything.


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