Market women across the country, have vowed to invade the Presidential Villa, and also promised to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari, over current economic hardship.

Some market women on Thursday, September 8, gathered together in public, at the popular Madalla market in Niger State, and began to rain causes on President Buhari.

Post-Nigeria’s correspondent who visited the scene, ‎was almost lynched by the angry women.

In a bid to get to the bottom of the crisis, Post-Nigeria gathered that the women began to react, following the imposition of various degree of multiple tax, despite the fact that nobody is patronizing their goods and services, due to ‎the current financial crisis.

One of the women named ‎Mrs Grace Sunday, who confided in Post-Nigeria, lamented that life has become unbearable for her and her family, over the so called change they all voted for.

She said, “Since I have been into this market selling wears for 7 years now, I have not experienced this kind of low patronage, the market situation is too hot for us to bear.

“People come to the market, look around, ask for the price of goods and services, and leave; why?

“Because they lack the finance to purchase these goods.

“Wears I usually buy N75,000 during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, now that same quantity and quality is over N140,000;  is it a good change?

“Is this the change Buhari means for Nigeria.

“He just deceived us, because he wanted to win election, now the reality of things is telling on everyone.

“This is not change, this is wickedness, and so wickedness and tough times will continue to follow him”.

Rendering more unimaginable curses on the President, she lamented that she and her family, including several others in the market, are finding it difficult to feed.

‎She stated, “We cannot afford to buy rice, we barely struggle to have 2 square meals per day; in my neighbourhood, they are finding it hard to eat even a square meal.

“Even the local rice he said we should patronise, a tear of it is N500, almost the same price of its foreign counterpart, which goes for N600 to N650 per tear, depending on the brand.

“If you have like four children for example, and you buy a tear, how can you cope; the purchasing power has been drastically reduced, due to inflation.

“The worst of the situation is that farmers are crying now, the Fulani herdsmen are killing and robbing them of their farm produce, and yet the President is doing nothing in that regard.

“As am speaking to you, I am a victim, my mother’s junior brother was killed in Kogi State by Fulani herdsmen in the farm; they butcher him like a piece of meat.

“And yet Buhari is encouraging the youths to go into farming; to go and do what? To go and die?

Speaking on Buhari’s alleged 2019 ambition, Mrs Sunday said, “God forbid, not in my generation again, we will rise up like swamp of bees and fight back.

“Even the unborn baby in the womb has rejected him already,” Mrs. Sunday concluded.

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