By Odirah Ezeobi
September 25, 2016

It is a known fact that Biafra is a nation that had been in existence before the creation of Nigeria by Fredrick Lugard of Britain. The people of Biafra had an organized political system through which they organize their affairs in their traditional ways.

Biafra as a nation had over the years become an ideology. Though the Nigeria government tried to suppress the truth, the younger generation grew to know that their ancestral home is Biafra.

In the histories of nations that fought for freedom, the struggle for the restoration of Biafra remain the most opposed both from internal and external forces. The question is why is it so?

Most humans on earth are so engrossed in evil that they find it difficult to stand with anything that violates evil, not to talk of a move that will dislodge their control on their wickedness on humanity. Biafra is opposed because of what it stands for.

Been born from any of the clans in Biafra Land does not qualify one to be a true Biafran. When you are born of  Ogoni origin but you are no better than a Fulani man, you are not a true Biafran.

A Biafran indeed has a brave mind and the heart of mercy. A true Biafran does not take away another man's property because he is wealthy. A true Biafran helps a brother in need, he does not use his God given strength to intimidate the timid rather he is hardworking and intelligent .

A true Biafran uses his creativity to better the life of people around him,he does not sabotage his friend. A true Biafran is peace loving and accommodating,he is courageous and never afraid of his enemies, he never gives up in battle. We have seen people born of Biafra origin but been uneligtened about their history's for long has allowed their true Biafran sense of reasoning to vanish.

Any man that kills his brothers to please his master; that denies his identity to retain political office, that remains silent as his brothers are butchered, that celebrates with the enemies of his people over the ordeal his people is not worthy to be referred to as a Biafran.
Are you a true Biafran?

Edited by Chima Onyekachi writes for BiafraPost
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporter



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