By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 30, 2016 

A Goat came a certain time in company of Lions and raided the home of Wolverines; not that Wolverines could not stand the raid but Lions gave Goats claws and Wolverines were outnumbered. When Wolverines refused to surrender, Goats and Lions destroyed their source of feeding and when offspring and parents of Wolverine had been raped, taken prisoners of war and killed, Goats and Lions declared no ‘victor no vanquish’. Life continued but Wolverines lived in slavery and tamed into Sheep; notable slavery by conquest turned them into Sheep, killed on Christmas to the pleasure of the Lions. But there are some Sheep left untouched and taken care of by the Goats and Lions (like Churchill Okonkwo). When a certain Wolverine-made-a-Sheep escaped the Zoo of slavery, got trained and unleashed the features of a Wolverine (Nnamdi Kanu), he then came back to free other Wolverines-made-Sheep. The untouched and well taken care of Sheep stood against emancipation of others “I and my family is okay, others can die, I will fight to retain my status as a looked-after-Sheep”. Funny enough, the young man is fighting Biafra with once a month article on Sahara Reporters platform.
I have repeatedly made it clear that journalists have important roles to play in the stability of a State; once journalists are corrupt or incompetent; it poses threat to the society. One man I have assessed recently and arrived at a conclusion that he is incompetent and abuses journalism is Churchill Okonkwo of Sahara Reporters. It is said that a snake will definitely beget a long thing; this man is as good as the media firm he represents. The chance he has as a journalist with Sahara Reporters is becoming abuse of this revered profession. He seems to believe that his column can be used for gossips; insults and hapless contents; after all ‘it is my column’.
I have told this young man that if he has a point or a reason something should not happen and another happens; he should always endeavour to be debatable; that is the key to professional column. You cannot rightly start abusing people and telling them that your Master’s Soldiers will shoot them and that nothing will happen. You try to intimidate people because you are a black Monkey that thinks guns are meant for killing dissent voices. This incompetent man rolled out an article before Biafrans ‘sit at home protest’ and when I was given the link; I only read insults upon insults, disregard for the dead and promise that if Biafrans continue to ask for their right; their Soldiers will continue to kill the people of Biafra. What a journalist in the 21st century?
I will not insult him but describe him, this ‘fool’, don’t misunderstand me yet, a ‘fool’ is defined as a person that is going the wrong way while he thinks he is on the right path. The last time I read his column was when he wrote a rejoinder and tried to prove a point that Igbo speaking Biafrans living in Lagos are already at home and that there is no need coming to Old Eastern region to develop it. I was so angry at such inept reasoning; I wanted to reply the article but I had no chance; there were too many things before me. I had expected the Vanguard Journalist that wrote that brainstorming article urging Igbo speaking Biafrans to go home because they are seriously being abused in Lagos. If Oba of Lagos is not telling them to do one thing or another or be thrown into the lagoon, Ambode is screaming at them to leave Lagos.
That one gone, I won’t digress much, the madness of their so-called Sahara Reporter’s journalist reached its peak when he heard that IPOB will engage in ‘SIT AT HOME PROTEST’ without focus this fool uncapped his pen and balanced on the desk in his sitting room and probably made few calls to Buhari that he is on another offensive for his effort to be noticed. He started ranting and calling IPOB names; I could not decipher what the young man wrote until a colleague mailed me the link to his article; my colleague had told me that ‘Your friend Churchill is frustrated again; he is in pains’. Frustration can justify his mood via that article; because he was lost to the extent he has no basis.
It is not a bad thing to hold a contrary view to my view; he sees Biafra as a wrong idea while I see it as solution. I had expected this young man to come up with points and reasons, even when Biafra has won every argument; he is still arguing and that simply made him a frustrated man. In his latest column on Biafra in response to the ‘SIT AT HOME PROTEST’ he was so brainless and without focus. He indirectly praised the Nigerian Military that frequently open fire on armed protesters; urging the people to go about their various businesses as Soldiers would shoot them again if they obey the ‘SIT AT HOME PROTEST’ casting fear upon the innocent and law-abiding people of Biafra. While it is a bad journalism to support or motivate trigger-happy military against peaceful and unarmed Biafrans; I also question the rationale behind his position that Nigerian military will shoot Biafrans for staying at home.
He went further to say that Soldiers will kill protesters and nothing will happen; that the blood being spilled everyday out of bigotry is a waste of time as Biafra will not come. In actual sense; this very man don’t know his right from his left; if he does, he had known that self determination is guaranteed by virtue of UN 2007 Charter. He believes that the world is blind and that nobody is taking record of what is going on; this is a pure black Monkey that can’t see the handwriting on the wall. Biafra is quite beyond Nigeria, let alone a quack journalist or profession-by-error Journalist. I will only blame Nigerian education; which Church Okonkwo is a product. While he backs the military action against the people of Biafra because of his pay masters generosity to him; disregarding the right to live, he still has the boldness to come and tell us that we shall be killed again and nothing will happen. This mentally poor journalist is inconsequential to Biafra and Nigerian issue; yet he wouldn’t park when he fuel has finished.
Now Biafrans from Bayelsa to Anambra totally complied to the ‘sit at home protest’; I wonder if he would hide his face in shame and see that ideology is not what one comes out abusing, jumping up and down without a point. His opposing article was like a motivation to the people and that is what it should be when ideology is misunderstood. Biafrans magnificently carried out the order he tried to influence; will this hopeless man sit down and think twice? I have no problem when he opposes Biafra with reason; but when he abuses and childishly call names; that is where I have a problem with him.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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