By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 06, 2016

While we are all aware that REIPOB is not in existence but a hoax managed and propagated by Nigerian Vanguard Newspapers; it is important to ask why Dr.Ikedife was officially named by Vanguard as the leader of the hoax group in Igbo speaking part of Biafra. 

Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper knew the game very well; they are master of treachery and in practice to their media attack on IPOB family and Nnamdi Kanu, they choose to appoint a saboteur name Dr Ikedife and doing that they believed it would offer a smooth anchorage Buhari has been searching for to destabilise IPOB family. 

The creator of the tool of destabilisation named REIPOB said its leaders are Dr Ikedife and Henry Okah; the people that would exchange Biafran flag for that of Nigeria then the agitation for Biafra will end. 

These people are indeed actors and actresses; they have so much watched Nigerian movies, they are frightened by the growing capacity of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB family all over the world reason they're showing all the movie likes actions. People are astonished that the characters Vanguard associated to this drama have denied knowledge of REIPOB.

To have mentioned Henry Okah is strategically correct, the young man is pushing desperately to come out of prison and maybe Buhari will have a reason to release him so he will play a role of their supposed Biafra flag hand over to Nigeria to mark the beginning of the end of Biafra; the hallucination I found amusing. 

It won’t be stable right now to say that MEND is involved because they have not finished their deal- the order to sabotage the people of Biafra right from Bayelsa to Igala and have Okahs’ released from jail with cash reward as well is still on-going. I see Okah savouring the opportunity, while every other person mentioned has denied involvement; Okah might not deny Vanguard- the publicity secretary of REIPOB.

 Dr Ikedife repudiation of the group made Vanguard Newspaper more stupid than ever. Names keep coming up from Vanguard and the people mentioned denied, and they still keep pushing the false news hoping for acceptance. In as much as Vanguard has no shame to have decided to play in the mud; they should understand the idea is not working because those they assumed would fall for their deceit backoff. 

There is no gain saying that consistence brings about success, I think that's the principle Vanguard is applying but in the same manner, Biafra media is consistent with the truth that has destroyed Vanguard- REIPOB poorly trickery strategy against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

 While Vanguard is trying to hold onto anything and make sure their arrangement with Nigeria govt creates impact; to mention names of people without prior permission and suddenly changed from TRIPOB to REIPOB is the display of lost of focus and shows disoriented organisation. This act of Vanguard media has made them look silly, thoughtless and lost of purpose; to play such gamble made the entire world know it has no reputation. While Nigeria govt/Vanguard drama continue unfolds, we shall watch and see how it ends because the end will not go down well now and in history.

What is lacking in the news of REIPOB is discipline. Vanguard lacks journal control or what I should best describe as clueless. In this fight against IPOB, they have shown lots of cluelessness that left their credibility hanging in the balance. At the end of the day; it would be recorded that this media house lacks credibility to inform the society because they are so corrupt and hungry to accept any amount from their master to feed the false news to the public.

It could have been smarter for them if they had named Buhari, the leader of REIPOB he formed and declared Vanguard the media wing. People would join Buhari-REIPOB because he has cast famine upon them they would do any work to have food on their tables. It is not news that Buhari is fighting IPOB, and it is understandable when he opens REIPOB as a group that would counter Biafra restoration project. He should have done it openly instead fabrication that ridiculed them. 

REIPOB, TRIPOB founded by Buhari and managed by Vanguard newspaper would not create any impact to cause confusion among Biafra as they wish rather it would make IPOB stronger and intensify Biafra restoration project. 

While the world is coming to reality with facts on the ground; it is important to note that no argument can stop Biafra. REIPOB and TRIPOB have given IPOB more publicity and shown the resoluteness of the people of Biafra. IPOB will emerge victoriously, and there won’t be anything to hold it back; I have always noted that lies cannot win a point, let alone win an ideology.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters



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