The Unicef has alerted the world to the growing level of food crisis in Nigeria, especially in the Northeastern Borno state which is faced with what was described as the worst case of famine and malnutrition in the world.

Unicef estimated that about 4.5 million people are in need of assistance, out of which one million are in danger of extreme malnutrition.

Speaking on the findings, the Unicef’s Chief of nutrition in Nigeria, Arjan de Wagt said: “We haven’t found the right words yet to describe the magnitude of the problem.”

He further added in an interview granted on Friday in Abuja: “I’ve checked with my colleagues in New York and they’re not aware of anywhere around the world where people are in this kind of situation.”

The highlighted area for aid intervention were first accessed by aid workers in April following the success of military forces in pushing back Boko Haram insurgents in the area.

Arjan de Wagt further added: “People are completely cut off from trade routes and from aid, and they’ve not been able to plant.

“Severely malnourished children have the risk of one in five dying. For these kids in Borno, the risk is much higher because they don’t have proper food and there’s no health care. That’s why we have a polio outbreak.”

He noted that the number of people approaching the highest of the five-rank malnutrition level was alarming as he noted that the number has increased steadily with at least one million “in severity level four” and another 75,000 people facing outright famine.

The Unicef Official said: “The world and Nigeria doesn’t realise how bad this is.

“In the area of food nutrition, if you look at the level and the indicators, I’m not aware of anywhere you have this magnitude and this number.”

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