The battle between two news outfits Nigerian-based Vanguard Newspaper, and United States-based Pointblanknews exposed the secret behind the wealth of Mr. Sam Amuka Pemu, the CEO of Vanguard newspaper.[READ HERE

The essential point was Pointblanknews publication of a news story in December 2008 stating that Mrs. Oyindamola Amuka-Pemu, wife of the Publisher of Vanguard Newspapers, Mr. Sam Amuka-Pemu was arrested in Lagos, Nigeria for beheading unnamed 14 years old boy at a shrine/location somewhere in Lagos as part of growing practice of ritual killing and ritual sacrifice in Nigeria

Mrs. Oyindamola Amuka-Pemu arrested by officers of Nigeria police in Lagos, 

She was detained by the police for some days, she paid 4 million Naira bribe to the officers of the Nigerian Police Force in Lagos that arrested her, after which she was released and later fled to London. When grilled while in police custody, she reportedly confessed to the police that she went to the extent of performing the bloody rituals because her husband Mr. Amuka Pemu was a womanizer, adding that she wanted the ritualists to kill her husband's concubine through supernatural means, was her confession. Incredible.

The most annoying part of this is that, instead of the murderer Mrs. Oyindamola being prosecuted, she reportedly bribed her way out with N4 million which was shared by the police officers.

Intelligent IPOB investigation gathered from a reliable source that the chairman of Vanguard newspaper, Sam Amuka Pemu wholeheartedly sponsored his wife Mrs. Oyindamola to carry out the ritual sacrifice of 14 years old boy for no other reason but for the "growth and expansion of his vanguard newspaper company".

Sam Amuka is completely complicit in this ritual beheading of the innocent 14 years old boy because the lie of Oyindamola to the public that it's because of her husband's "infidelity" that led her to the ritual beheading of the innocent 14 years old boy is just as unbelievable as laughable. 

All the fake confessions made by Mrs. Amuka doesn't hold waters at all as this crime is a premeditated plan between Oyindamola and her husband Mr. Sam Amuka who single-handedly sponsored the ritual killing.

All the lies are just a cover up just to protect his image, his integrity and that of his company Vanguard limited. IPOB have evidence to that effect.

The question every reasonable being should ask Sam Amuka Pemu, the CEO of vanguard News is this. Why is it that Vanguard Newspaper who claim its aim is to serve the people through unflinching commitment to free enterprise, the rule of law and good governance, never deemed it fit to write about the bloody ritual sacrifice carried out by his wife? The last time I checked I have not seen or come across such headline in Vanguard Newspaper, why? 

Why is it that Sam Amuka, Vanguard Newspapers never spoke against and publicly condemned this cruel act committed by himself and his wife? Why has Vanguard newspaper refused to write/carry news about Mrs. Amuka being a ritualist and a murderer? 

Why is Sam Amuka Pemu of Vanguard not arrested for the murder of the innocent boy in cold blood? Why did Sam Amuka smuggle her wife to London like a log of wood? All these are the questions a reasonable person should ask.

Note, did Mrs. Oyindamola wife of Sam Amuka name any woman concubine of the husband? The answer is NO. Did he Sam condemn her wives action? No rather he bundled her off to London to save his face and the company which vividly entails or implies that, Amuka Pemu is directly complicit in the ritual killing of the 14 years old boy since he never rebuffed or condemned the wife's act but rather WHISKED HER OFF TO LONDON.

The shocking part of it was Mr. Sam Amuka Pemu and his ally Mrs. Oyindamola was never prosecuted, he was never charged to court or put behind bars for this level of heinous crime they committed against a defenseless kid instead, he bribed their way out with four (4)million naira to cover up their crimes and to save his name. Outrageous.

Vanguard Media in conjunction with tyrant President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari conspired to fake the formation of the new unidentified reformed IPOB named TRIPOB and REIPOB which only exist on and recognized by only the gutter media Vanguard Newspaper. IPOB can not be intimidated by Buhari’s pathological lying media Vanguard that writes what suites Buhari instead of the truth.

Vanguard Newspaper has been accused of treachery. They often give reports without proper investigation. They cover up the activities of DSS and Buhari wasting innocent lives in Nigeria, they shield the wicked deeds of state governors at the alter of "brown envelope". 

IPOB hereby publicly call for the arrest of Sam Amuka Pemu, the chairman of Vanguard Newspapers for murder, of the 14 years boy who was beheaded for ritual sacrifice and as well as the immediate close down of Vagabond Newspaper, built with lies, deceits, and bribes. 

Murderers of the innocent must be confined and jailed or pay the ultimate price. People like Sam Amuka Vanguard must be subjected to the full weight of the law and charged with murder.

The glaring truth gathered about Vanguard Newspaper popularity and the sudden wealth of Mr. Sam Amuka Pemu is enough to get him arrested.

It should be made clear and known to Mr. Sam Amuka the murderer, that his conspiracy against IPOB, writing trash against IPOB and conniving with Muhammadu Buhari to form online TRIPOB and REIPOB to destabilize the Nnamdi Kanu lead IPOB will never stop the coming of Biafra.
Justice must prevail.

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