The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has described the current level of starvation in the country as unprecedented in the history of the country.

IPOB said that there had never been a time when parents were exchanging their children for bags of rice out of desperation or pots of soup being stolen while still boiling adding that this was why security agencies were creating comic reliefs by forming fake splinter groups of IPOB or others Biafran associations to divert people’s attention. 

In a statement Tuesday entitled, “An Uninspiring Melodrama,” and signed by IPOB Spokespersons, Emma Mmezu and Dr Clifford Iroanya, the organisation stressed that instead of finding solutions to reason why Nigerians were hanging themselves and dropping suicide notes for President Muhammadu Buhari, the security agencies, especially the Department of State Services, DSS, was busy entertaining Nigerians on purported divisions in IPOB. 

The statement read in part, “We have it on authority, that the decision to use the DSS to entertain Nigerians on purported factions in the great IPOB was taken at the presidency, in order to humour starving citizens, and take their mind away from the killing; excruciating poverty ravaging the land. 

“The writers of the comedy of splinter groups in the indomitable IPOB, know that their childish storyline is not believable, but went ahead to amuse the world for three reasons: 

“One, they wrote a request for approval of a huge impress to create imaginary splinter groups, so they could make some money for themselves, for times are so hard, the security operatives are at a loss, how to pay school fees and feed their families at this period of great hunger in the land. 

“For them the purported factionalism would translate to monies being released to them … 

“Secondly, they need to prove that they are working hard along the lines of Mr. President’s mind set and give the public the impression, that the security outfit is busy doing something to weaken the Biafra project. 

“Thirdly, it serves as a comic relief to the impoverished citizens, groaning under an unprecedented nationwide starvation, where strange stories of pots of soup being stolen while still boiling, people exchanging children for a bag of rice out of desperation and people hanging themselves after dropping a suicide note for General Buhari. 

“Amid these troubling developments, the DSS decided to entertain citizens with this unbelievable comedy of fictitious split within the noble IPOB. They know nobody believes the infantile stories, but the comic cartoon stuff is so laughable, enough to reduce tension in the land. 

“We wish them luck in their very strange decision to reduce our determined march to freedom from a hostile prison called Nigeria, to a comedy/TV soap opera. 

“Whether their decision to entertain Nigerians and the world at large of non-existent factions in our mass movement will alter or dampen our resolve, or confirm their foolery, will be confirmed by the public in weeks and months ahead. 

“The fact remains, that the idiotic choice of attempting to create imaginary splinter groups is a total waste of line, energy and resources. “It is lost on the public, how the actors in this melodrama are the only people yet to note, that they are only making compound fools of themselves. 

“This pitiful development, says so much, about the quantity, calibre and intelligence of the characters who run the intelligence services. What a tragedy.”

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