By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

For many Biafrans today, each time Sa’ad Abubakar – the one they call Sultan of Sokoto – opens his mouth to speak, lies and stupidity always tumbles out easily. He did not disappoint them few days ago when he made a comment concerning Biafra oil and the importance of Lagos.
He had told his audience that Lagos was more important to his people, the Fulani, than the Niger Delta (in Biafraland) and its oil deposits. In fact, he claimed that oil would soon be worthless. Part of his words read: “The country is better off with Lagos than with Niger Delta. Let’s not make that mistake. Lagos doesn’t need oil, what is oil anyway? It is a raw material” he said.
For Biafrans, Abubakar (the oil thief, for most Fulani people in leadership positions are oil thieves) was only lamenting the loss of Biafraland and its oil as Biafrans step up work for the restoration of their country.  He has seen the handwriting on the wall and is just warming his way into the heart of Yoruba people. Yoruba people may be excited about the statement, but Biafrans are not perturbed. As a matter of fact, Biafrans are wishing the Fulani and the Yoruba happy wedlock.

However, Biafrans want to know from Abubakar why his Buhari, his fellow virulent Islamic bigot, deployed soldiers to Niger Delta, claiming he wanted to secure oil resources. Why are they fighting to gain access to other people’s “raw materials”, which he described as worthless? Biafrans also want to know the reason for Buhari’s frenzied search for oil in the Chad basin, and now in the so-called “Benue Trough”? this is why Biafrans see him as a stupid liar.

Now, we will not end this article, without first congratulating the Yoruba people for their new lovers, the Fulani people. We are not deceived; we know that the Fulani currently warming their way into Yoruba hearts is reaction to the recent propaganda making the rounds that crude oil deposits have been found at Badagri, near Lagos. We also know that the Fulani are doing all these to take advantage of that finding, which is why they have started building a refinery in Lekki axis in Lagos through their dubious brother and evil monopolist, Aliko Dangote. They are also laying a secret deep-water pipe into the Atlantic Ocean, (beyond the country’s continental shelf), through which they would be stealing crude oil as they did in Niger Delta, Biafraland.

We don’t begrudge the Yoruba for their good fortune. Indeed, we are praying that more crude oil deposits be discovered in Yorubaland, and that the Fulani and Yoruba “love” will blossom more than that between the Fulani and Biafra. Apart from that, Biafrans are praying that all the “loving activities” Fulanis had with Biafrans will double in their own “loving activities” with the Yoruba. We are praying that the way Fulani romanced with Biafrans and their oil resources “which Yoruba people supported them fully to do) would be the same way they would romance with the Yoruba concerning their own oil resources.



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