By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 20 2016

For as many as could read and understand; this message must reach to the four corners of Biafra land; the people of Biafra must respect the order for a sit at home because it could possibly go the path of referendum. I am curious over this form of protest because it is the first of its kind under IPOB, Radio Biafra has ordered that the people of Biafra should sit at home come 23rd of this month being Friday and the people of the world will keep their eyes open to see how Biafrans turn up to the command; this would also serve as mock referendum; to determine the preparedness of the people of Biafra.
There is a nation at the verge of restoration and though it is at the peak of breaking even, there is already a curiosity for check. There has been baseless accusation that not a good number of people of Biafra back Biafra restoration and this ‘sit at home order’ is a better opportunity to throw that accusation to the dustbin. The people of Biafra had proven time without number that 99% of them want their Nation restored, consequently, millions of them trooped out in protest for the release of their leader. The Nigerian government unleashed her military against the people which subsequently forced a change of tact. To shut the deviant Nigerian media up, the people of Biafra must sit up and observe the ‘sit at home order’ in a unique way.
Unfailingly, UN will send in observation team and it would interest you to know that the world is keenly following agitation for Biafra restoration even though they won’t make noise and poke nose but diplomatically follow things. As we already know, there is a stipulated international law when dealing with a sovereign country. You might act negatively and ask why must international laws be observed in favour of Nigeria when Nigeria doesn’t observe her international laws and vice versa. The answer is not very far from the fact that if Nigeria is lawless, other countries may not be lawless as well.
Whilst there is observation team and record being kept, the ‘sit at home’ order will give a pass mark to the call for independent Biafra. For as the percentage that wants Biafra is expected to sit at home and should be made to give verdict. This is no longer a protest where Biafrans are shot and arrested; this is a protest where you enjoy and rest your bone. It is expected that the ‘sit at home order’ will overwhelm the existence of Friday as a work day. The people of Biafra must be ready to use every single opportunity they have to keep proving that Biafra is everything they want. This ‘sit at home order’ is a very nice way to start.
On Friday appears to be a mock referendum; where the activities in all parts of Biafra land will determine the readiness of the people of Biafra to embrace their Nation. It is therefore crucial for awareness of this to enable a record breaking ‘sit at home protest’. The people of Biafra have been fabulous in coming out to protest in millions; this form of protest must not be an exception; it is expected that millions of People of Biafra will turn out and show solidarity by sitting at home.
The people of Biafra must use every little opportunity they have to show and convince that there is indeed a resolute demand for Biafra. The whole world is about to be informed of the continued incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu and urged to declare referendum due to the failure of Nigeria to lawfully address the call for a sovereign State of Biafra. Self determination has been met with barbarism in this part of the world which is quite disappointing. In spite of the peaceful and lawful nature of the people of Biafra, they have been confronted with military action which had left thousands in mortuary and hundreds on a treatment bed. To stop the continued murder of the people of Biafra; continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and project the restoration of Biafra; you must sit at home come Friday 23rd of September.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for Biafra Post
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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