By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 18 2016

  • You release terrorists against court orders and detain a court-freed man for self determination; you are contravening every common law and taking everybody for a ride. That you are the President of a country that contributes nothing to the stability of the world or growth of the world has not made you an Emperor of the world. Nigeria lacks nothing but depends on the world to survive and we wonder why you contravene international laws and wield your political power like a God. Releasing Boko Haram prisoners and retaining a prisoner of conscience is a slap on the face of the world. We therefore compel you to release Nnamdi Kanu and discuss the self determination call lawfully” only if my imagination will have a date with reality.

I have once more taken time to assess the state of Nigeria and I can only come to the conclusion that Nigeria needs compulsion. Compulsion is Inevitable because Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari seems to have lost regard for human right which is protected without boundaries and rule of law which guarantees equity. The State thrives on sovereignty to perpetrate evil against humanity and this is more of the reason to act. Court has been the defender of human right but in Nigeria, the court has been hijacked and destroyed; leaving human-right to die and making human existence vulnerable. It is no longer news that Nigerian court freed Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Buhari opposed the court by disobeying its order to continue detaining him. Neither is it news that all the Boko Haramists captured and detained are being released by Muhammadu Buhari against court orders that detained them.
Before the inception of Buhari’s government; he clearly stated that he would not fight Boko Haram but talk with them; this obviously means he would give Boko Haram a friendly and brotherly gesture. It is convinced that Boko Haram would listen to their Father and give up the brutal war against Nigerian State. While Buhari has talked them down and limited their attack but could not end the activities of the dreaded terrorist group; it is understandable that the strategy of talk and lobbying is working for him. As soon as Buhari took office, he started releasing Boko Haram prisoners and giving them unpopular amnesty; there have been reports of some Boko Haramists surrendering and taking amnesty; a move that was not condemned by anybody.
Until the release of the convicted popular Christmas bombing suspect, Kabiru Sokoto, the release of other Boko Haramists has enjoyed relative quietness and the media paid deaf ear and turned blind eye. The sustained illegal freedom given to Boko Haram prisoners by Buhari was seen as effort to appease the terrorist organization. One thing that is certain is the simple fact that the latest release drew attention of the people because he is a prime suspect; while people shout that Kabiru Sokoto has been released; who shouted that all other Boko Haram prisoners have been released? 

  • However, do not doubt me that Kabiru Sokoto might be the very last Boko Haram member remaining in detention because all other imprisoned members have been released and either recruited in Nigerian military or given job as amnesty measure. There has been insignificant kick against release of Boko Haram members that could not get the attention of the media and the public. It is good that Kabiru Sokoto release has generated a spark and the world is awake to what is exactly going on in Nigeria.

Nigerian government quickly stood to deny the report of the release of Kabiru Sokoto; the denial was simply because there is a spark against the act. The people were shouting because Kabiru Sokoto is a known Boko Haram member, but hundreds of unpopular convicted terrorists have been released and granted backdoor amnesty. Suddenly they have said that Kabiru is still in detention but cannot give account of other hundreds released and granted amnesty. One thing that is certain remains that Kabiru has been released and that is one of the measures for limiting Boko Haram hostility.
Recall that Boko Haram had demanded exchange of prisoners for Chibok girls and with clear assessment of the demand; release of all Boko Haram members could prove pivotal and limit their daily attack and that is what Buhari has done and what he keeps doing. Kabiru Sokoto is the last but because alarm has been raised; it would only take him time to release him if truly he has taken him back to detention after initially releasing him. In Nigeria; a President says he has power and that power gives him the ability to do anything he wants. releasing all Boko Haram prisoners, including Kabiru Sokoto and holding a peaceful and law-abiding activist is in the person of Nnamdi Kanu against court orders is one of the easiest and unquestionable thing a President can do in Nigeria. This is why it is imperative for compulsion to live; the barbaric attitude of Muhammadu Buhari calls for pressure for him to live up to Nigeria’s international obligation.
  • Since October last year; the leader of Indigenous People off Biafra was arrested and subsequently freed by two competent courts of jurisdiction but Muhammadu Buhari refused to let him go. While Boko Haram that murdered hundreds of innocent people and terrorized the people were being released and granted amnesty; Nnamdi Kanu that never raised a stick or hurt a fly is illegally incarcerated and in spite of Muhammadu Buhari killing hundreds of his people, still detained him while a terrorist is illegally released. Nnamdi Kanu has shown a level of civility by sacrificing his agitation on the altar of freedom of speech but was paid back with barbarism against his people and denied all his right; while terrorists are freed and allowed to enjoy every right.

There seems to be no end to this crime against humanity and it further proves that Nnamdi Kanu is a prisoner of bigotry and deep division in Nigeria. The religious sentiment or division in Nigeria has made Nigeria lawless and for the reason that a religious fanatic was elected into office by Barrack Obama; it added fuel to the already consuming fire. Releasing Islamic terrorists who murdered hundreds of thousands and detaining a freedom fight who anchored peace and ultimately embraced the UN 2007 declaration on the rights of Indigenous People is man’s inhumanity against humanity.
Until Nigeria is compelled to lawfully approach self determination and Nnamdi Kanu, they would never obey the constitution they swore to uphold or live up to their international obligation. It is crucial to note that the case of Nnamdi Kanu is a case of human right which sovereignty has no holds on and which in deep sense is a crime against humanity. It is the duty of the world to stand where laws and rights are trampled and used against humanity. It is our collective duty to make sure that the world is made a better place for everyone irrespective of your colour and your geographical position. Until Nigeria is compelled to obey the law, this injustice against Nnamdi Kanu and the people of Biafra will prove the failure of the world to her collective responsibility

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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